Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Nintendo talks about its future-reaffirms that the next game system will appear in “20XX”

Image: Nintendo

There’s always talk of what’s next for a major gaming company like Nintendo, but what’s really next for Nintendo?

Well, that latest Corporate management policy briefing session The company, led by President Shuntaro Furukawa, shared another incredibly vague up-to-date on future hardware and its plans. Basically, it repeats what was mentioned in 2020.

The company’s future outlook is clearly to continue expanding Nintendo’s IP, as part of which Nintendo’s “next gaming system” will continue its “integrated hardware-software” approach. And if you’re wondering, it’s coming … finally. Currently, the placeholder is down as “20XX” and will be acquired at least later this century. Hooray!

Nintendo says it will continue to use Nintendo Accounts to establish “touchpoint” and “long-term” relationships with consumers.

“We are looking for a virtuous cycle of integrated hardware and software business and Nintendo Account-based services and content. This cycle creates touchpoints with more consumers and is long-term. Will be strengthened to establish a positive relationship with each other. “

This is the same slide I saw before.

Future outlook for Nintendo
image: Nintendo

What do you think you will see from future Nintendo consoles after the current Switch generation? When do you think this new hardware will come out? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments.