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Nintendo Switch Online FAQ-Everything You Need to Know-Pricing, Cloud Storage, Retro Games

Image: Nintendo Life / Damian McFerrand

The section has been updated to make it easier to navigate. It also includes games that don’t support cloud storage, game list updates, and a list of games that support the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app.

It also contains a list of games that require Nintendo Switch Online to play online.

Nintendo Switch Online is a premium service that offers online play, retro games, dedicated mobile apps, exclusive offers, and Nintendo Switch cloud saves. In other words, this is the PS + or Xbox Live Gold equivalent switch.

This FAQ details everything you need to know so far, including information about new expansion packs for the service.

Nintendo Switch Online-Frequently Asked Questions

what is that?

Nintendo Switch Online has access to online multiplayer, free NES and SNES games (accessible within certain apps) that support online and offline multiplayer, dedicated mobile apps, exclusive offers, and the ability to upload everything. This is Switch’s premium online service. Save your data to the cloud.

Can I use it now?

Yes, the Nintendo Switch Online service is now available, but the “Expansion Pack” has also arrived.

What is the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack?

With the latest additions to this service, various Nintendo 64 and SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis titles will be added to their respective apps (these are listed below). In addition, it provides access to Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Happy Home Paradise DLC.

See the guide below for more information.

how much does it cost?

Fees vary depending on the payment method, but the following Standard price for Nintendo Switch Online..

12 months Three months 1 month Annual family member (up to 8 users)
£ 17.99 / $ 19.99 £ 6.99 / $ 7.99 £ 3.49 / $ 3.99 £ 31.49 / $ 34.99

There is also a family membership option that offers Nintendo Switch Online to up to eight switches for £ 31.49 / $ 34.99 per year. If 8 people sign up, this is less than £ 5 / $ 5 per user.

Expansion packs can be added to subscriptions by existing members with “proportionate discounts based on the number of days remaining in your current membership”.Below is the price New arrival Combined customers Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, The details at the time of writing are only an overview of annual payments.

12 months Annual family member (up to 8 users)
$ 49.99 / € 39,99 / £ 34.99 $ 79.99USD / € 69,99 / £ 59.99

What are the rules for the Nintendo Switch Online Family Group?

The good thing to know is that you don’t have to be a direct family member to take advantage of the package and save money. Simply create a family group with your Nintendo Account and send an invitation email to add new people. If they have an account that they can join and access Nintendo Switch Online through the service.

The number of users per membership is limited to eight, but if you arrange it with family and friends (for example, evenly divide the price), you can get Nintendo Switch Online at a significantly discounted price.

A guide for setting this can be found below.

Can I buy with My Nintendo Gold Points?

You can use My Nintendo Gold Points to purchase Nintendo Switch Online membership at the Nintendo eShop. However, it cannot be used for automatic renewal, so you must manually use it up before purchasing a second subscription with points.

To get a year’s worth of Nintendo Switch Online using only Gold Points, you need a whopping 2,000 points. Of course, you can instead use as many points as you need to make money from your membership.

Which game do you need for online play?

All games that have an upfront cost and include online multiplayer require Nintendo Switch Online to play the online multiplayer component. The complete list is:

Do I need to play online games for free?

No, Nintendo has made it clear that free-to-play games do not require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play online.

Will it affect e-shops and other switch services?

Now let’s disassemble it. You can buy games and use the various features integrated online for free, but NSO gives you access to online play. Here’s what you get with Nintendo Switch Online:

  • Online multiplayer of paid games that support it. This does not include games that you can play for free.
  • Nintendo Switch Online mobile app.

However, the following online services remain completely free.

  • Nintendo eShop.
  • Add and manage friends.
  • Share screenshots on social media.
  • Nintendo Switch parental controls (this includes the app).
  • System and software updates.
  • News feed.
  • Play online games for free.

Nintendo Switch Online-Mobile App

What is it for?

The mobile app was initially used for voice chat with other players, but it hasn’t received much attention. There are several specific game sections that have different levels of interaction with in-game activity.

Nintendo Switch Online-NES

Which games are supported?

Initially, the app was limited to Splatoon 2, but now there is a variety of support for a few games.

Nintendo Switch Online-NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis

Over 100 retro games are now available in 4 apps. You can access NES and SNES games with a standard Nintendo Switch Online subscription. You can also play Nintendo 64 and SEGA Megadrive / Genesis titles with the addition of expansion packs.

The guide below maintains a complete list of all available games.

So do I need to download individual Nintendo Switch online retro games?

No, the game set for each system is part of the app that you can download and use as a member.

What happens to these games if I cancel my subscription?

You can only play these retro games (through these apps) as long as you have a valid subscription. Once your subscription ends, you will no longer be able to access them.

Even active subscribers need to “check in” the console online once a week. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play. This allows Nintendo to verify that you have an active subscription.

Can I play them using the NES Joy-Con controller?

Nintendo has released a pack of two wireless NES controllers so you can play the Nintendo Switch Online NES library as you did in the good old days.

However, there are pitfalls. You must be a member of Nintendo Switch Online to purchase these controllers. Perhaps I hope it doesn’t matter much to anyone with a family membership, where only the “master account” is eligible to buy the controller. If you can buy multiple pairs at once, that’s okay. If not …

But there is even worse news. Anyone who wants to play something like Shovel Knight on a real NES controller will be very disappointed because these bad boys can only play NES games. That is, it does not work in other games. It’s absolute madness, but it’s Nintendo for you.

Just like Joy-Cons, slide it to the side of the console to charge it. But don’t ask, it doesn’t work like Joy-Cons.

Will GameCube, GameBoy, and other Nintendo systems work?

Nintendo has not announced whether games from other systems will be available on Nintendo Switch Online. There are rumors and speculations related to the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance libraries, but they are unconfirmed.

Would you like to replace the virtual console?

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch virtual console doesn’t seem to appear right away.Nintendo Kotaku..Here is a direct quote from Our article:

Currently, there are no plans to put classic games under the banner of the virtual console, as is done with other Nintendo systems.

Remember that Nintendo chooses the word carefully. This indicates that the virtual console will not reach the switch, but it does not actually indicate that the classic game will not reach the switch. It just says that they will never come under the same flag as before.

So take a hopeful punt and hope these games will be on Nintendo Switch Online instead. It’s nice that you don’t have to pay again.

Nintendo Switch Online-Cloud Savings

How does cloud save work?

All saves can be automatically uploaded directly to the cloud. Let’s praise Nintendo!

If you have membership, this will happen automatically for all games that support the service.

Do all games support cloud saves?

Nintendo has announced that not all games support cloud storage. According to Nintendo, the reason for this is to avoid cheating. In some other cases, it may be due to the coding and structure of the data at rest of individual third-party games.

A list of games that don’t support cloud storage can be found in the guide.

As justification for this, some publishers and developers have effectively thwarted players, rolled back permanent game negative changes, regained items exchanged for other players, and so on. I would like to return to a higher online multiplayer ranking.

Nintendo Switch Online-Members Only Game

There are several online competitive games with free play options for Nintendo Switch Online members. The following are the current options.

Nintendo Switch Online-Members Only Offer

Nintendo Switch Game Voucher

You can buy the Nintendo Switch Game Voucher for € 99,99 / £ 84 / $ 99.99. You will receive two for each purchase and those vouchers will be available for retail download from the e-shop. This is a limited list of primarily first-party Nintendo games and a few third-party titles.

A compatible list can be found in the Nintendo Switch Online section of the e-shop.

Nintendo Switch Online-Members Only

Available from the system’s NSO app, there are currently four bonuses that can be downloaded for specific games.

NES & SNES controller

Members of Nintendo Switch Online can visit the local My Nintendo site to order wireless NES and SNES controllers for use with Switch. Sadly, it’s hard to find inventory.

N64 and Mega Drive / Genesis Controller

As with NES and SNES controllers, inventory is an issue with new wireless controllers for expansion pack gaming content. Here you can track the latest links and get the latest stock information.

Are you a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber? Can I get an expansion pack? Are you missing the features you really need? Please let us know in the comments. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.