Monday, November 29th, 2021

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Prices, Games, Features

Image: Nintendo

With the introduction of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, a paid tier has been added to the service. At the time of publication, it can only be added on a 12-month family pass basis. This guide gives an overview of the details.

Do I need Nintendo Switch Online to get the expansion pack?

Yes, expansion packs can only be added to basic services. Below you will find an extensive guide to Nintendo Switch Online.

What is the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack?

With the latest additions to this service, various Nintendo 64 and SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis titles will be added to their respective apps (these are listed below). In addition, it provides access to Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Happy Home Paradise DLC Expansion.

how much does it cost?

The price depends on the method you choose to pay, the following (for information) Standard price for Nintendo Switch Online..

12 months Three months 1 month Annual family member (up to 8 users)
£ 17.99 / $ 19.99 £ 6.99 / $ 7.99 £ 3.49 / $ 3.99 £ 31.49 / $ 34.99

There is also a family membership option that offers Nintendo Switch Online to up to eight switches for £ 31.49 / $ 34.99 per year. If 8 people sign up, this is less than £ 5 / $ 5 per user.

Expansion packs can be added to subscriptions by existing members with “proportionate discounts based on the number of days remaining in your current membership”.Below is the price New arrival client In combination Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, Extensions are only available in the 12 month package.

12 months Annual family member (up to 8 users)
$ 49.99 / € 39,99 / £ 34.99 $ 79.99USD / € 69,99 / £ 59.99

Which games are included?

Expansion packs add a range of Nintendo 64 and Sega Megadrive / Genesis titles. Below you can find the complete (and regularly updated list):

You can also access Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC expansion, Happy Home Paradise. As mentioned above, expansion packs are purchased in 12-month chunks, so you can play the DLC without purchasing for at least that period.

What if I don’t renew for 2 years?

You will not be able to play the Nintendo 64 or SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis apps without updating the expansion pack (or the broader Nintendo Switch Online service).

Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Happy Home Paradise, if you play in an expansion pack and cancel, you will not be able to access the archipelago and all of those activities, but some features of your island will be retained that DLC. Unlocked as part of. The explanation of Nintendo is as follows.

Players will continue to have access to certain unlocked items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Main Island Happy Home Paradise. This includes adding counters, partition walls, ambient lighting and soundscapes, even for access to Animal Crossing. New Horizons-Happy Home Paradise has been suspended. However, if the player loses access to the DLC, they will not be able to visit the archipelago. To be able to visit the archipelago and request a villa design again, you will need to purchase the DLC separately or renew your Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership.

So how can I sign up?

For new members, the NSO + Expansion Pack option is easy to find in the e-shop. Information can be found in the “Nintendo Switch Online” app on the Switch home screen.

The upgrade is also relatively easy, the system will detect your existing NSO account and apply the associated discount.

A step-by-step guide is posted at the link below.

So far, this guide is over. Once the service is published, we will share details such as how to upgrade. As always, drop your question below too!