Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Nintendo Switch OLED micro SD card slot looks like this

Image: Nintendo

Japanese YouTuber HikakinTV We’ve got a new glossy Switch OLED and have already published an unpacking video showing the next revised version physically.

Part of the video is especially noteworthy as it shows some of the previously hidden switches, the micro SD card slots.

As previously reported, the Switch OLED model has a revised kickstand that covers a much larger portion of the back of the console. This covers only a small part of the case and is different from the very flimsy original version.

The image below shows the new Micro SD card slot. As you can see, the card is inserted from the side, not from the bottom. This makes it difficult to accidentally remove the card while working with the console.

OLED switching
image: HikakinTV

HikakinTV also shows how much the Switch OLED kickstand can open. This is impressive.

The Switch OLED model will be available next month. You can book now.