Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Nintendo showcases Splatoon 3’s “Eeltail Alley” and its amazing crab tank

Splatoon 3 Potentially one of the biggest releases on Switch in 2022, IP is very popular, especially in Japan, and has a large and loyal fan base around the world. Nintendo is undoubtedly all-in to it, and more recently Nintendo Direct reveals new details.

Nintendo’s social team is now I shared a pretty nice screen on Twitter Starting from the Eeltail Alley stage, I focused on what I saw in Direct.

Eeltail Alley is an old district in the heart of Splatville, a hangout for young people in the town. A pedestrian bridge extends over this three-dimensional stage, creating an exhilarating Turf Wars.

The crab tank is a crab-shaped multi-legged tank with a powerful quick-firing gun and a cannon with a formidable blast radius. It is possible to scuttle in the form of a crab, but it can move faster when transformed into a ball.

What are your thoughts on Splatoon 3 so far?