Quite surprisingly, Nintendo uploaded some songs from WarioWare: Get It Together! On YouTube, including those that have not been technically released. Nintendo? Would you like to officially release the music for your fans to enjoy legally? What’s wrong?

Yes, one of the catchy little details you’re definitely humming while playing the game is “Penny Song”. If you spend a lot of time playing, you probably already know it, but here it’s for your listening pleasure:

Now, Nintendo actually made an effort to produce a special Spanish version of the same song, which is clearly aimed at the Spanish audience. However, strangely enough, this version wasn’t built into the game, so this is your only chance to hear it.

It’s unclear why the truck didn’t make it into the game, but Nintendo favors fans having fun online instead of locking for the rest of the time.

WarioWare: Get It Share: Together! Released on Switch – and it’s great.