Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Nintendo Repeats ESG Initiatives on Environment, Diversity and Transparency

Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo Extensive financial results briefing There is a lot of information in different areas, and just behind it is the company’s new commitment to ESG initiatives (environment, society, governance).

This repeats some of the information found in the latest Corporate Social Responsibility reports, but it’s probably worth another focus. From an environmental initiative perspective, the company’s goal is to produce “environmentally friendly products.” It focuses on energy savings (Switch consumes as little power as its predecessor), “green procurement”, efficient transportation, and “after-sales”. recycling’.

Social aspects include the usual “smile on the face”, but more specifically. Nintendo says it continues to assess “human rights and labor risk” in the supply chain. From the perspective of diverse workplaces, the company has a “partner system” that aims to support the promotion of women within the company.

From a “governance” perspective, this is related to the boardroom and administration. The board has set the goal of hiring more women and members from abroad and making more than one-third of the board outside directors.

How is Nintendo working in these areas? There is specific information about the environment and procurement goals. While Nintendo was praised for avoiding conflict material, we shared more details on summer environmental policy, but was slightly criticized for less effort / involvement in achieving that goal. I did.

It will be interesting to see how Nintendo’s offering of these commitments progresses in all of these areas.