Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Nintendo recommends some games to check out the Switch OLED model

Image: Atlus

Switch OLED has been out for a week already and everyone is trying out their favorite games to see how colorful and vibrant the display is, but what Nintendo will play on this device We share our own recommendations for.

It’s an interesting choice Persona 5 Strikers, East facing And recently released Tetris Effect: Connected.. You may already be playing a new Tetris release on your system, but it may be worth checking out these other games filled with “brilliant visuals” following Nintendo’s advice.

@NintendoAmerica -Do you feel like enjoying more vibrant colors and epic adventures with the new #NintendoSwitch? -OLED model? Check out these games!


Another game worth a look is Nintendo’s new release Metroid dread -This is as good as what you get in terms of the launch title of the new model system. We praised it in our review and awarded Samus’ latest outing to the best 10 out of 10 stars.

You can also try out some games with low light settings such as: Dark soul And even DOOM 3, Shows another side of the OLED display.Then there are more colorful games like Tory 2 When Super Mario Odyssey..

Have you ever played the above game on Switch OLED? What game did you notice actually popping on the new display? Please leave a comment and your own recommendation below.