Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Nintendo provides a snapshot of its global headcount in a new report

© Nintendo

As part of Its corporate social responsibility report, Nintendo outlines its global operations and headcount in a convenient infographic.

The third page of this year’s report shows a world map of all Nintendo’s global offices and employees as of March 2021, as well as a breakdown of the percentages of male and female employees in each region.

Overall, the company has 27 subsidiaries and 6,574 employees worldwide-an increase from 26 subsidiaries and 6,200 employees Last year’s CSR report. You can check the numbers in the figure below:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Asia has the most employees with 2,498 employees, of which 80.5% are men and 19.5% are women.

Nintendo of America is the second largest number of employees, with 1,256 employees. NOA is slightly better in terms of gender balance, with 36.5% of female employees and 63.5% of male employees.

In terms of gender parity, Nintendo’s Australia office has only 91 people, which is relatively small and the closest to date. There are actually 47 to 44 more women than men.

Nintendo Europe has a total of 901 employees, of which 38.1% are women and 61.9% are men.

Compared to the previous year, all these figures represent a small shift towards gender equality, although progress in this area has been slow. Overall, it is very interesting to understand the global distribution of the company and its employees. The document also includes the regional sales details of hardware and software, which we have previously introduced when the company released the 2020/21 financial report.

Surprised to find that the scale of NOA is almost exactly half that of NCL, or in comparison, how small is the company’s business in Australia? Please tell us below.