Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Nintendo of America President Dougbauser Announces Internal Response to Activision Blizzard Report

image: Nintendo

Nintendo’s U.S. President Doug Bauzer said last week Report in progress Allegations of fraud in Activision Blizzard.

Bowser’s email sent on November 19th was Retro Studios (Retro Studios (Metroid Prime 4) And the recently acquired Canadian team Next Level Games (Luigi’s Mansion 3).

Bowser mentioned how the report is “pain and anxiety” and said that every company in the industry is responsible for creating an environment where everyone is treated equally.

“With you, I’ve been tracking the latest developments in Activision Blizzard and ongoing reports of sexual harassment and toxicity in the company. I’m distressed and anxious about these accounts. They’re me. It goes against the values ​​of Nintendo and the beliefs, values ​​and policies of Nintendo. “

“Every company in the industry needs to create an environment where everyone is respected, treated equally, and the consequences of not doing so are understandable to everyone.”

His email further describes how Nintendo is working on an open and comprehensive workplace, welcoming everyone and expecting the same from other industries and Nintendo partners. ..

Nintendo representatives also seem to “contact Activision, take action, and value others.” Bowser also mentioned how Nintendo works with ESA, a lobbying organization of which Activision is a member. Fight harassment and keep members at the highest standards.

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