update [Sat 15th Jan, 2022 00:45 GMT]: With the latest information via social media, Crysta announced that it has decided to move away from Nintendo. Her full statement is:

“More than 14 years later, I’ve decided to leave Nintendo. It’s really great to be able to work long in my dream job and participate in the most memorable moments in the game. But the best part was everything. I People who had the privilege of working together.

“They inspire me every day. Thank you for calling them lifelong friends. I’m really looking forward to what the future holds. You guys are with me on this crazy journey. I hope you will. I love you all. “

Doug Bouzer, President of Nintendo of America, also thanked Crysta for his many years of contribution to the company.

So did the kit:

original [Sat 18th Dec, 2021 04:05 GMT]: When subscribing Nintendo’s official YouTube channelYou’ve probably seen at least one episode of “Nintendo Minutes” hosted by Kit and Crysta. Every week they talk about the latest events happening in the Nintendo world and, of course, play some games.

Unfortunately, they just seem to have just aired the last episode. The show started in 2013, and after eight years and more than 400 episodes, Nintendo has decided to end it. The “Last Episode” is a moving reflection of Kit and Crysta’s many years of “Nintendo Minutes” journey.

The show is over, but both are still in use at the Nintendo of America, according to Kit and Crysta’s Twitter profile. If you have any other questions, we will always inform you of the latest information.

On behalf of Nintendo Life, we would like to thank Kit and Crysta for their contributions to the Nintendo community. What do you think of this news? Please let us know in the comments below.