Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Nintendo Leak reveals abandoned Wii games, including Metroid games from smart systems

Remember last year’s “Gigaleak”, when all kinds of secret data and information in the Nintendo vault were found on the Internet in some way? Well, it seems to have discovered more now, including some Wii projects that were eventually abandoned.

Many of these games that have never been released are interesting, but some will be interesting specific Note for Nintendo fans.One of them is “Project X”, one Zelda The Retro game we discussed in detail earlier today, but another thing that caught our attention Metroid A game developed by Intelligent Systems, the studio is known for its work Fire emblem, Paper Mario, with Wario Warelectronic. Oh my god.

Shared by Resetera users in ever-growing threads Mondomeca, Here are the reportedly cancelled Wii projects and other interesting tidbits discovered so far (if you want to avoid hearing too many games that shouldn’t have appeared, now is your chance to return to safety).

-Wii’s “Tennis”; guess this is folded into Wii Sports.
-Excitetruck is called “the toughest race in the world”; the notes say “a racing game that looks like Excitebike’s 4WD truck version with realistic graphics.”; guess they think they should actually put Excite in the title in.
-Project Hammer is listed as “Hammer Man”. The note said: “The aim is to create a Dynasty Warriors game that will be sold in North America.”
-Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn is called “Fire Emblem GC 2”. Note said, “The direction is to increase the movie part, which has been well received by users in the GC version.”
-Mentioned Sphere, an unreleased n-space game. “Female spy infiltration action. Switching between multiple remote cameras similar to Metal Gear.”
-‘Metroid’, developed by an intelligent system. The note reads “It will be released some time after Metroid Prime.”
-“Project X” by Retro Studios; “Chief Zelda’s Action Game: Ocarina of Time”.
-Kuju’s “KNIGHT Wars”; “Fantasy-based strategy and battalion assets.”
-Super Smash Bros. Brawl is listed as “Project Sora”, developed by HAL and Game Arts.
-“Sword Fighting Theme” developed by Y’sK; I don’t know what game this is.
-Mario Strikers Charged (called “Super Mario Strikers 2”) is intended to be released in the EU first, and is intended to be the release title (it missed it).
-“Revo R” of HAL.The note says “Aim for pop art style graphics”, which makes people think it is This Unreleased Kirby game, but the genre is listed as racing.
-Wii’s “jumping superstar”? The developer is listed as Ganbarion.
-“DDR Mario 2” on Wii. Obviously, the developer is Konami.

MondoMega has also launched various DS games, such as “Tingle RPG”, which will naturally become Rosy Rupeeland of Freshly-Picked Tingle; a game called “Plucker”, apparently created by Magic founder Richard · Proposed by Garfield; and hinted that Wii’s Captain Rainbow was originally listed as a GameCube game.

If you are interested in seeing more, the leak also unveiled some early Wii Remote concepts. Otherwise, please join us in the comments below to dream about what the intelligent system thinks of Metroid.