Monday, May 16th, 2022

Nintendo lawyer strikes again, this time against Mario NFT gambling game

Here’s a visual representation of Nintendo’s daily fight against piracy proceedings.

An unofficial game project that uses Super Mario assets to promote an NFT-based gambling platform is drawing Nintendo’s attention. So we all know what will happen next..

As reported by KotakuA cryptocurrency scheme known as the “1-UP Platform” is being prepared for this year’s launch, allowing users to participate in battle royale-style games and bet on matches to win NFTs. (Controversial Ways to Digital Files Ownership Using Blockchain Technology). The problem here, or at least one of the problems, is that the Battle Royale itself appears to be full of stolen assets.

Below is a look at the early stages of the game.

Not surprisingly, Nintendo has already begun the process of tackling the project head-on. As a Twitter user @jycompany_ Videos related to the YouTube project have already been deleted at the request of Nintendo.

Kotaku says Telegram admins on the 1-UP platform, known as “links,” defend the project and call it the “cool indie concept.”

“I’m a community manager for an anonymous team working on a cool indie concept. The goal was to innovate in addition to the great ideas Inferno Plus launched in 2019. Nintendo puts them in for innovation. Known for shutting down and doing that. We’ve just created an enhanced version with a combat system. The goal is to innovate personally within the community and if we all provide new ideas. It was to show what we could do. The idea of ​​the company is exhausted and it feels almost dead. “

They further state that the stolen property exists only as a proof of concept, calling for a “Nintendo Simp” that helped draw the game’s attention and later remove it. They sound nice, don’t they?

“Don’t be afraid for all Nintendo sims who are having a panic attack. It was a private test video released to scale up the community. When we went live, the whole game was original Nintendo fan-made. Adds custom art without sprites. This was just a proof of concept. The engine is custom made and used in other original games. But the topic is great. At least about new ideas for people. You can talk to me. “

The 1-UP platform wasn’t shy about including Mario. September blog post Even describing the project as “taking Mario and friends to the blockchain” is all wrapped up in a “2D battle royale concept based on the classic retro game we all know and love.” increase. If Mario was the selling point, was it really the intention to remove him from the game?

Currently, the 1-UP blog page uses Mario assets without Nintendo’s consent. We imagine it’s only a matter of time before Nintendo reports further.