Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Nintendo launches Game of Life: Super Mario Edition

Image: Nintendo

Not satisfied with only ruling the world of video games, Mario and his friends jumped into a new board game-Game of Life: Super Mario Edition.

As you might expect, this special edition mixes the usual gameplay of life with a few twists and turns inspired by Mario; indeed, your goal is not to make a lot of money and retirement as the center, but to make it simpler The goal is to work hard to defeat Bowser once and for all.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the first wave of units seems to be all sold out (no pun intended).Store like Target Allow customers to register to be notified when more stock is available, and Amazon There are still some copies floating at high prices.

However, it does look interesting, so it may be worth paying attention to more inventory in the coming months.

Inspired by Super Mario: This is an exciting life game board game inspired by Super Mario video game characters, artwork and gameplay

Moving in the Mushroom Kingdom: The player plays Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Yoshi moving on the game board.They choose their own paths and areas to explore when they travel through the Mushroom Kingdom

BATTLE BOWSER: Unlike the classic The Game of Life board game, this version has nothing to do with money or retirement.The ultimate goal of this children’s board game is to defeat Bowser

Mini games and stars: Use coins to buy stars to get a boost in the battle with Bowser.Compete for prizes in fun mini-games and cheer with items and companions

Fun family game: Game of Life: Super Mario board game is a great choice for a game night with your family. It is a fun indoor game for children aged 8 and above, suitable for 2-4 players

If life is really about defeating Bowser and having fun all the way— We dodge fireballs in the cruel nine-to-five every day.

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