Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Nintendo Labo Toy-Cons will have “gaming experience differences” on Switch OLED

© Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch OLED released today did not have much impact on which games can be played and enjoyed. The system under the hood is the same, although the larger screen and other goodies will still make people like it.However it is a teeny A little wider, this will affect Nintendo Labo.

The Labo series has always been an enjoyable part of this generation, although as the series develops, its quirky construction and gameplay methods may not have achieved significant sales success.right now Official FAQ It has been outlined that there will be “differences” in playing with Labo Toy-Con accessories using the OLED model.

However, due to the difference in console and screen size between Nintendo Switch (OLED model) and Nintendo Switch, some Toy-Con accessories of the Nintendo Labo series may have differences in gaming experience. There may also be games where the gaming experience may be different due to the new features of the console, such as a larger screen size.

In terms of the overall width of an OLED tablet, the size difference is only 0.1 inches, so for many Toy-Cons that we think it still fits, it may only be the largest Comfortable The cardboard controller is affected. Labo VR is most likely to be affected because the larger screen may not align properly with the goggles.

We will see when the system will start-the biggest question is, are you still playing Nintendo Labo? Maybe we should all dig out that cardboard as a reminder, in fact, it can be fun…