Image: Nintendo

One of the returning characters in the upcoming Fire Emblem Engage is Marth. The character originally debuted in 1990 and has since made multiple appearances outside of the series.In the new mainline Fire Emblem, Marth returns as a legendary hero.

Ahead of the game’s Switch release earlier this year, Nintendo has revealed more information about each character, and Marth’s details and description can be found below.

Emblem Mars (voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa), nicknamed the “Crest of Beginning”, is a hero among heroes, extremely noble and charismatic. A prince of Altea from the otherworldly continent of Akaneia.

Crest Marth is an ace of swords, and equipping a ring makes it easier to avoid enemy attacks.

Here’s another footage of the characters in action and in combat with the new protagonist, Aria.

Here’s Nintendo’s official story description for Fire Emblem Engage:

“In the battle against the Fallen Dragon, the Four Kingdoms joined forces with otherworldly heroes to seal this great evil. After a thousand years, this seal has weakened, and the Fallen Dragon is about to reawaken. God. As a dragon, use the rich.Collect the emblem rings scattered around the world and restore peace to the seraph continent.Strategies and powerful customizations to fulfill your destiny.Summon and fight legendary heroes of the past. . Fire emblem Add their power to games like Marth and Celica in this new story.Turn-based tactical battle system Fire emblem The series is known for returning with a fresh cast of characters that you can customize and strategize carefully.

Fire Engage launches on Switch next January. Would you like to check out? Please comment below.