Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Nintendo employees tell fans to stick to the current switch if they don’t “dig” the OLED screen

© Nintendo

Nintendo announced a new Switch, which made owners of older models wonder if it’s time to upgrade.

The company has not issued an official statement on this-and may not address it directly, but it has clarified that this is indeed the case for the OLED model Is not There is a new CPU or RAM upgrade.In addition to screen improvements, memory upgrades and other Minor The difference is roughly the same as the current terminal version model.

Although we have not received Nintendo’s statement on whether the new system is worthwhile for existing owners, we have now received comments from JC Rodrigo (and Treehouse representatives), product marketing manager at Nintendo, USA. Via social mediaWhen a fan asked if the new system worked better, he simply answered “no” and told them to stick to the current system unless they were interested in screen upgrades.

Although it seems obvious at this point that it is just a screen upgrade, it is still interesting to hear it when it comes directly from a Nintendo employee. In other words, if you do not accept the upgrade, you do not need to try to justify the upgrade. Taking into account JC’s recommendation, do you think you will get a new Switch OLED model? Leave a comment below.