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Nintendo download: June 17 (Europe)

The latest Nintendo Europe download update has arrived, and it brings a lot of new games to the eShop in your area. As always, be sure to vote in our poll and comment on your potential choices this week below. enjoy!

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Sisters-Annual Party (Microids, June 16, GBP 34.99 / EUR 39.99) -It all started when Wendy decided to host a year-end party with her friends at home. Before she had time to ask her parents, her unbearable sister Maureen stole her idea and asked her parents first. Unfortunately, parents only allow one party! Maureen and Wendy start a series of crazy challenges to decide which of them will host the party. There will be trouble if you face your sister against your sister! Immerse yourself in the fun and insanity world of the two sisters, they never lack the idea of ​​pranks! Explore sister cities and complete missions and challenges in adventure mode.

Switch eShop-new version

32 seconds (IsTom Games, June 17, 17.99 GBP/20 EUR) -Drive your cyber motorcycle on the highway of the future city to complete various tests and challenges! Occupy the city at a very fast speed! Ride your motorcycle and complete various competitions, time trials and other challenges in the sci-fi metropolis at high speed! On the streets illuminated by vibrant neon lights, hit the asphalt pavement forcefully between bicycles and racing cars. Use different futuristic bikes to attack, lift and maneuver on endless highways!

7 years later (PQube, June 17, £6.39/€7.99) -Play as Haruto Soraki, a high school student, who is looking for memories that he may have lost in an accident seven years ago. When you start your journey in your hometown, meet your forgotten friends, uncover the dark secrets of the town, jump over to think about those who tried to stop you, and try to piece together what happened 7 years ago.

Rampage (£9.99/€9.99) -Become an aquatic animal and join these crazy battles in the depths of the ocean.Complete missions and defeat every boss in this shooting arcade game

New Selection of Mu Song Lian Hua (D3 Publisher, June 17, £44.99 / Euro 49.99) -The classic Otome game “Makusatsu Renka New Selection” is now more beautiful and easier to play than ever! This is a female romantic game. You will become the first female soldier in Shinsengumi, fight side by side with other soldiers and fall in love. Experience historical battles with Kondo, Mukata, and Okita. -Join the Shinsengumi as a female soldier!

Bear Restaurant (£10.79 / Euro 11.69)- In this restaurant, the deceased will enjoy the Last Supper. Hamburger, omelet, sushi, pudding, anything. Let us cook your favorite dishes while you are alive. This is a story about “bears” and “cats”. You are “cat” and “bear”‘s assistant, running this restaurant. Players can learn about their favorite things by “diving into” customers’ memories. …But in fact, you don’t remember who you are. Not even your favorite dish.

Block puzzle (Kistler Benjamin, June 15th, 2.69 pounds / 2.99 euros) -BLOCKY PUZZLE is a challenging puzzle game, you need to place all the shapes in the grid to complete the level. Place the shapes in the correct positions on the game board, do not leave blanks, every shape is in place.

Bullseye™ (Sabec, June 17, 12.99 GBP / 14.39 Euro) -The official Bullseye™ family game based on the classic TV dart quiz game, where 1 to 4 players can participate in testing your dart throwing skills and trivia knowledge to earn points and ultimately win the game. Bullseye™ is the best choice for party games. It is a simple, out-of-the-box ready-to-play game that allows everyone to sit on the edge of their seat. Bullseye™ is a great way to kill time, allowing you to enjoy a wonderful game show experience at home with family and friends of all ages. Jam contains 10 types of 5,000 multiple-choice questions, no game will be the same.

Cannon Army (£3.99/€3.99) -Having been trained in the US Army training camp, you have been a member of the US Army for a long time. Get ready to fight crime in an immersive situation with a group of terrorists who are trying to suppress the country with their evil plan. Choose one of the 4 available soldiers and use your shallows wisely. Collect grenades and energy props to achieve success in this never-ending game and guarantee a long time of fun. Your country needs you!

Over the moon (£4.99/EUR 4.99) -What was once great is dormant in the cold streets of Armourica’s isolated capital L’Amour. When it sleeps, it dreams, and when it dreams, it hunts. Fate meets, and the mysterious death of a young man brings the brothers Aurore and Lux ​​Amanite into a world full of mysterious fascination and corporate corruption. At the same time, police officer Ryoko Otsuki arrived in the city of love, looking for a city whose identity was as fragmented and broken as hers…

Idol day (Qureate, June 17, 5.89 GBP / 6.59 Euro) -A love adventure game where you can enjoy the heartbreaking roommate life of newcomer producers and bad girls transforming into idols. A young man who works in the agency that manages an underground idol group in Akihabara is ordered by his boss to discover a new idol. Now, he has a dead end. The protagonist is at a loss and finds that there are very few girls capable of becoming the kind of idol he imagined. When he met a girl talking to herself while feeding a cat, he was defeated while sitting on a park bench.

Lucifer (Chaos Minds, June 17, GBP 3.41 / EUR 3.77) -What is Luciform? Luciform is an accurate platform game based on 2D colors. This basically means that in this game, you can only interact with platforms of the same color as yours, and you will fail many times when trying to beat the next level. To travel through the world while avoiding dangerous and fatal falls, you must jump in the most precise time!

Plastic Rebellion (Ultimate Game, June 16th, 7.19 GBP / 7.99 Euro) -When the parents are out, the whole house becomes a playground. However, when your 3D printer malfunctions and starts pranks, you are responsible for defending what you call home and turning your playground into a battlefield! With only your cherished toys, you must face the growing army of plastics and prevent malfunctions before it takes over the world (or at least your bedroom, kitchen, and basement)!

Puzzle Box 3 in 1 (Kistler Benjamin, June 16, 4.49 GBP / 4.99 Euro) -Puzzle Box 3 in 1 is a collection of small puzzles of popular puzzle games. In Crazy Numbers, you can swipe up consecutively numbered blocks to merge the same numbers upward, or you can add or subtract numbers to match the same numbers in the grid of merged blocks. When connecting points, you connect the same color to one line without crossing another line. enjoy!

Rangers (Hanaji Games, June 17, GBP 4.49 / EUR 4.99) -About this game: “Rangerdog” is a cute retro-style side-scrolling shooting game. Choose one of the three ranger dogs and defeat the boss who is waiting at the end of 7 different stages.

Round takeoff (Dahku, June 17, GBP 4.63 / EUR 5.27) -You are Chubbit, a fat rabbit has fallen into a precise platform nightmare! To escape, just move to the left, move to the right, and master the subtle dynamics of constantly bouncing! Playing well means playing fast. Take a simple stopwatch HUD as an example. Win gold medals with speed and strategy, open map shortcuts and reward levels, travel through the vibrant world, and walk towards the light of home!

B side (Bold Pixel, June 16, GBP 4.49 / EUR 4.99) -Back to Poznan, Poland in 1998. You are a time traveler, Johnny, he wants to enter the present, but who knows. . . how is it? Just play it and you’ll know it. Solve interesting puzzles, enjoy relaxing music, and have a good time like in the past.

Strange Brigade (GBP 22.49 / EUR 26.99) -The witch queen Seteki, who was erased from history and buried in an unnamed grave for 4,000 years, rises again. Only one team of heroes can fight Seteki and her army of mummified monsters: the strange brigade!

together (Ultimate Game, June 16th, £6.29/€6.99) -Color the world together! Discover a new world, but don’t do it alone-bring friends and play together! Go through increasingly difficult levels in many interesting biomes. Color the world faded by the evil Mona Chrome! You will be accompanied by some popular and distinctive heroes who can (but certainly won’t) remind you of familiar characters. Our hero is afraid of heights, so they must act together to get her!

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