Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Nintendo download: July 1 (North America)

The latest Nintendo download update for North America has arrived, and it will bring a lot of new games to the eShop in your area. As always, be sure to vote in our poll and comment on your potential choices this week below. enjoy!

Switch eShop-highlights

Ys IX: Monster Nox (NIS US, July 6, 59.99 USD) -Uncover your curse and fight the darkness. Adol Christine was cursed by a mysterious woman and turned into a monster, a powerful creature that can drive away monsters. In order to escape the city of Balduq, he must ally with five other monsters, each with its own unique gift, and stop Grimwald Nox, a dark dimension that is about to flood into the real world.

Silver shell 2425 (July 6th, $39.99) -Two thrilling black crime films appeared in SUDA51’s mind! The 24 districts of Kanto form a seemingly idyllic city, despite the sinister secrets hidden beneath its surface. In The Silver Case, as a member of the serious crime team in the ward, uncover the mystery behind a series of puzzling cases. Then, return to the 25th district of Kanto City: Silver Case. There is a new government project behind the utopian 25th district of the city. Experience the story from different angles and piece together this severe puzzle.

Switch eShop-new version

Alphadia Genesis 2 (July 1st, $14.99) -While claiming to protect its citizens, the Empire launched a merciless campaign against the Atlas people-these people are said to be infected with black energy, and they believe that their existence poses a threat to the world. Discover the true face of evil in the next chapter of the Alphadia series. This is a story full of faith, sacrifice, revenge and ultimate hope!

Anima Ludo (Prison, June 25, $9.99) -Ludo is a party board, once played by the king, now you and your family and friends can enjoy it. Although Ludo’s gameplay may be simple at first, it is actually challenging and very interesting. Think carefully about your next move, stay one step ahead of your opponent and return safely.

Arcade Archives SHINGEN SAMURAI-FIGHTER (June 24, $7.99) -“Shingen Warriors” is an action game released by JALECO in 1988. Players control Takeda Shingen and embark on a grand journey to defeat Uesugi Kenshin.

Best day (July 2nd, $14.99) -Best Day Ever is a narrative game in which you will play 4 roles. Your goal? Manage their daily life, help them overcome difficulties and create the best day ever. Experience 4 rich stories. In Waters City, the picture is not bright.

Colossus mission (July 2nd, $4.99) -When a huge alien spacecraft enters low-Earth orbit, many countries will send their teams to investigate. Your crew is the only one who managed to enter this huge ship. Now exploration and research fall on your shoulders.

Discoloration (July 1st, $9.99) -Discolored is a strange and surreal puzzle adventure that takes place in a desolate place for more than two hours. Your task: to restore color to this once vibrant world. What causes the color to disappear? How can they be brought back?

Long asked (July 1st, $3.99) -Dragon Question is an entertaining and entertaining software that combines math exercises and defense types. You are Archmage Ryan, who is on your shoulders to guard the Thousand-Year Kingdom Materia. Defend the gate by solving math problems of hordes of monsters.

Epistory-Typing Chronicles (July 2nd, $14.99) -In Epistory, you play the role of Muse, a fictional character in a world where nothing can be explained. Your adventure starts with a blank page, but as you gather inspiration, solve mysteries, and defeat enemies, the world will soon become bigger and more vivid.

Food Truck Arena (July 2nd, $15.99) -Become one of the legendary chefs, participate in an unforgettable competition, fight against powerful opponents, and reach the top of the culinary world! Join the colorful lineup of food truck owners who use their quirky cars, quirky recipes and love of food to try to change the stagnant world of food, one meatball at a time.

Hope farm (July 3, $19.99) -Escape the pressure of big cities and experience the tranquil charm of rural life. Match your way through incredible agricultural adventures. Plant crops, plant trees, raise cute animals and customize a wonderful farm. Sell ​​agricultural products through challenging match 3 levels and gain experience points to unlock tons of new items!

Kick the world (July 1st, $4.99) -Have a lot of fun in this freestyle football simulator loved by millions of players around the world.

Lovekami -Useless Goddess- (June 24, $14.99) -This is after the descendants of countless goddesses in Japan. .. Most goddesses can integrate with human beings and live peacefully and happily together. Some of these goddesses have even become idols.

Mina and Michi (June 30, $4.99)- Travel through the seasons of the wonderful and colorful world with Mina and her best friend Michi, solving puzzles and challenging bad guys along the way. Together, they will uncover secrets, collect magic items and learn special abilities so that they can reach exciting new places. Control Mina and Michi at the same time, or play cooperatively with friends!

My little juice stand (July 5, $3.00) -Have your own juice stand on the beautiful beach and start your own juice business! Sell ​​delicious drinks and make your customers happy! Provide delicious drinks of various flavors, mixing various fruits and juices into juice drinks.

Mythical ocean (July 2nd, $14.99) -Free to explore the vibrant ocean. Have relaxed, in-depth and interesting conversations with six different gods and a group of sea creatures. The advice you give will constantly change your story and lead to thousands of possible endings, somewhere between harmony and chaos.

Ninja Friends Epic Mission (June 23, $4.99) -Lead Ninja Buddy to rescue Princess Zebda and explore the wonderful world. Show your mastery of hostile monsters, deadly mechanics and powerful boss skills. Pass more and more challenging levels in this Super Plateformer.

Path: through the forest (July 1st, $5.99) -Life is a long way to go. How much courage does it need to accumulate to make a choice towards the future?

Pigeon racing (July 1st, $4.99) -Have you ever seen a group of pigeons fighting for bread? As a player, you will be one of them!

Pocket game (Piotr Skalski, June 25, $4.99) -Pocket Races allows you to create miniature cars at your own pace and test your racing skills. In this game, you can easily use your design skills to completely push your racing method to the next level in a powerful and fascinating way.

Red white yellow (July 1st, $7.00) -Red White Yellow is a puzzle game that uses three types of blocks: red, white and yellow. Each color disappears when 6 are arranged, but it can only be erased in the order of red, white, and yellow. If the following colors are aligned when the block disappears, they can be linked and erased automatically.

Revolver Company (July 2nd, $7.99) -It’s 2038, and a late crazy inventor left a crazy legacy-Coordinating to an island full of rich robots, a gun that asks questions, and a widow who hires you to answer the questions. As Randco’s recruit, Izzy Buspec, as you explore the dense biome of Corvynnia, he will take charge of their patented revolver and knock down hordes of docile robots in a profitable adventure.

Snake it till you succeed (June 30, $6.99)- Sliding, sliding and winding to victory! Get rid of the shackles of previous puzzle games and enjoy hours of fun!

Super archer (July 4th, $4.99) -Nock, draw, loose! There are an unlimited number of targets in front of you, and you can decide how many you can hit. Don’t give up, try again, your skills will improve with each game. Release the arrow at the right time, hit the target directly and move forward. Unlock as many different skins as possible. The number of your arrows is limited. Every time you miss it, you are losing them. Can you break your record and become the ultimate archer?

Super Destroyer DX-2 (July 2nd, $4.99) -Super Destronaut DX 2 is a retro space shooting game with multiple modes. Test your abilities through challenges or try to beat your high score in arcade mode. Race against time, more classic 3 lives, and even use limited bullets to see how many aliens you can eliminate. Dodge and shoot enemies to win!

Procession to Calvary (Digerati, July 1, $14.99) -Hazza! The holy war is over! Your oppressors have been wiped out, the church of the ancient gods has been destroyed, and thousands of innocent people have been murdered! But this is not all good news. The tyrant Tian Peter has escaped your clutches, and your task is to find him.

Sisters-annual party (July 6th, $29.99) -It all started when Wendy decided to host a year-end party with her friends at home. Before she had time to ask her parents, the unbearable little sister Maureen stole her idea and asked her parents first. Unfortunately, parents only allow one party! Maureen and Wendy start a series of crazy challenges to decide which of them will host the party.

Treasure (Gamigo, June 23, $0.00) -Make friends, sharpen your blade, and adventure in the ultimate action MMO Trove! Fight the forces of shadow in a realm full of incredible dungeons and items created by other players. Whether you are looking for treasures in remote lands or building your own domain, you have never been so honest!

This is what Nintendo North America downloaded this week. Go on, become a sport and vote in the polls above, and comment on your popular choices below!