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Nintendo Download: December 23 (Europe)

The latest Nintendo download update for Europe has arrived. This will add a wealth of new games to your local eShop. As always, drop a vote on our vote and comment below on your potential picks for the week. fun!

SwitcheShop-New Release

8 & 9 ball pockets (SuperPowerUpGames, December 24th, £ 10.79 / € 11.99) -8 & 9 Ball Pocket offers an 8-ball pool and a 9-ball pool, also known as American billiards. Play against up to 4 friends, play against AI in Versus mode, or challenge the best games in the world in arcade mode. In arcade mode, create combo shots to earn points and be number one in the online rankings. All of these are offered in an environment with great graphics and jazz music.

American (GAME NACIONAL, December 25, £ 8.99 / € 9.99) -Help true American heroes defeat the evil powers of foreign countries that have taken over control of poor animals and turn them into terrifying soldiers through advanced genetic experiments. Its human resources, or rather “animal power,” make up the most fierce army for a single army that may ever exist. That one man is known as an American.

Carebotz (Takacs Peter, December 20, £ 13.49 / € 14.99) –Carebotz is a twin stick arena shooter game spiced up with Metroidvania elements. You control the BIBZ, a small maintenance droid. Collect lots of blueprints, navigate narrow corridors, customize toolsets, learn how to take advantage of gravity, upgrade, repair and encounter different types of enemies! The journey is full of secrets and surprises. Dangers are everywhere, so carefully discover your factory and use the hover engine to avoid deadly obstacles. Levels require research, and patience and quest are often the keys to survival.

Cold silence (TERNOX, December 26, £ 4.49 / € 4.99) -This is a minimal horror platformer about survival in snowy mountains. Follow the mysterious voice from the radio to fight your fears and reveal the truth!

Creepy ball (D-Lo Games, December 20, £ 3.99 / € 3.99) -Help the mysterious cat lead the pumpkin to the final goal. To do this, you need to pass all the balls of the same color together. The better you can get. there is no limit!

Gardener’s way (Ratalaika Games, December 22, £ 3.99 / € 3.99) –Gardener’s Path is a top-down turn-based puzzle game about fighting giant insects and protecting your underground garden. Solve increasingly elaborate puzzles scattered in 60 handmade gardens. Each garden has its own allies and enemies. Use powerful artifacts to gain an advantage in combat and allow you to go back in time to perform elemental attacks. Do your duty as a gardener, fight the pests of giant insects and protect your beloved insects.

Horatio Goes Snowboarding (Eastasiasoft, December 22, £ 5.03 / € 5.59) -In honor of the classic skiing and winter sports actions of the past, Horation Goes Snowboarding is an arcade-inspired experience that is purely focused on thrilling gameplay without the use of stories or complex mechanics. I’m guessing. Start all the runs with lots of money and the urge to snowboard, then hire a board and head to the waiting chopper, avoiding traffic along the way.

Horror & sports pinball (SuperPowerUpGames, December 24th, £ 13.49 / € 14.99) -Enjoy 6 games in one, perfectly recreating a real pinball machine with all sorts of graphic details and sounds. Discover all the secrets in these thrilling games. A big challenge is waiting for you. Complete all missions and post high scores on your online leaderboard to be the best in the world or among your friends.

Jigsaw puzzle: the biggest city (Mindscape, December 23, £ 8.66 / € 9.99) -Enjoy 100 carefully selected high quality images to solve cities around the world. Resize the puzzles to increase the difficulty and solve up to 600 jigsaw puzzles. You can even solve jigsaw puzzles with up to 4 players!

Rin, the girl depicted in the puzzle (CFK, December 23, £ 5.93 / € 6.56) -Once upon a time, when monsters and ghosts were seen in the human world. .. .. .. .. .. One day, the plague goddess sneaked into the village and gave people her pest, smallpox. There was a boy in a village who got sick from a plague that no one could cure. His sister, the only family member, heard about Fox Orb and its mysterious light that could cure the sick. So she climbed the mountain and went to the abandoned house where the fox was said to have lived.

Match Three Pirates II (Fine Game, December 20, £ 6.49 / € 7.49) -After Bobby frees all pirates from the hands of ruthless Davy Jones, pirates are finally enjoying a free life. They are relaxing on a happy island, but without the fun and carefree laughter of the children, Pirate Island is terribly quiet. Suddenly, clever Bobby comes up with a great idea. The Pirate Captain is proposing to build a theme park in the world of pirates. This is a 100% guarantee that laughter and joy are all over the island. Help pirates in this hilarious match-3 game and build a wonderful amusement park that transforms the island into a world full of adventure and fun!

Merry Christmas snowball bubble (FuriouSoftPhoenix, December 24, £ 5.39 / € 5.99) -While playing, combine bubbles of the same color to create a mythical *** Christmas *** character. You can create “combos” and get various special “power-ups” such as guided rockets, destructive bombs, and laser blasters to reach the top of the scoreboard. Beautiful and nostalgic graphics set in a charming toy store from ancient times return to the most retro childhood. A relaxing and immersive game where you are trapped until you discover which rare character is hiding behind each snowball.

Moorhuhn Jump and Run “Traps and Treasures” (Higgs Games, December 23, £ 9.03 / € 9.99) -This is not the first appearance of Moorhuhn in the new game genre of Nintendo Switch. He hunted mercilessly with Moorhuhn Remake, defended the Wild Wild West with Moorhuhn Wanted, and competed in fierce races at Moorhuhn Kart. Guide Moorhuhn to the jungle with Nintendo Switch’s first jump-and-ramp ratformer!

Planet Quiz: Learn and Discover (, December 25, £ 8.63 / € 9.59) -Planet quizzes are a fascinating way to expand your knowledge of the planet, animals and culture and guarantee a good time for you and your friends.

Pure chase 80’s (FuriouSoftPhoenix, December 24th, £ 13.49 / € 14.99) -You will feel the essence of arcade racing oozing out of your pores and your adrenaline pumping non-stop. Mission: «Car bombs at your feet» If you don’t want to see the car lumps splatter, focus on the race of your life. Escape to the border as soon as possible before the countdown reaches «(00:00)». There are three difficulty levels, including longer routes and new scenarios.

Terratopia (Eastasiasoft, December 23, £ 7.19 / € 7.99) -Join Tucho, rescue your friends and free up the colorful grotesque Terratopia lands! Cross 13 unique zones full of crooked enemies to overtake your hometown. But don’t be afraid! The power of friendship will arm you with a diverse set of skills to confront the family of fellow Terratopians and the Red Invaders. Immerse yourself in an action-filled adventure, strategy on the go and better overcome your enemies! Play as one of the fighters Tucho, shooter Benito, or trickster Horacio, each with their own strengths and skills.

Tunnel of fate (Digerati, December 23, £ 11.33 / € 12.59) -The Tunnel of Destiny will be held in 1903 in the small mining town of Gold Crest. Due to an unknown incident, the mayor closed the mine until further notice. With her husband trapped inside, the angel enters the mine to investigate and search for survivors. She knows little, hordes of terrifying creatures lurking in the dark … The action rogue light hybrid, the Tunnel of Doom, combines tower defense with melee weapons and ranged combat gameplay. Gather resources and use what you find to rescue survivors and fight monster waves as you try to escape from the mine.

12 minutes (Annapurna Interactive, December 21, £ 19.99 / € 20.99) –TWELVE MINUTES is a real-time top-down interactive thriller with an accessible click-and-drag interface. A romantic night with your wife turns into a nightmare when a police detective breaks into your house, accuses your wife of murder, and beats you to death. .. .. Only you realize that you are destined to return immediately after opening the front door, get stuck in a 12-minute time loop, and relive the same horror over and over again. .. .. Unless you can find a way to use your knowledge of what’s happening to change the result and break the loop. Featuring James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe.

Zombie watch (Wildlak, December 21, £ 10.79 / € 11.99) -Welcome to the world of zombie watches! You are one of the few who survived the virus that infected most of the population and turned it into a carnivorous zombie. They may be dead, but they are not resting peacefully and will come after you. Challenge yourself to survive in a harsh and brutal environment and prove that you can conquer them all.


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