Monday, November 29th, 2021

Nintendo does not exclude acquirers, but prioritizes investing in existing studios

Nintendo said it would not rule out the acquisition of a new company in the future, but said it is currently prioritizing investment in existing studios.

As part of what was recently published Company management briefing session, Nintendo talked about future investment strategies and future spending. The publisher said that the success of Nintendo Switch has exceeded expectations over the past few years and “is in a position to rethink how to use it most effectively.” [its] Monetize in a variety of strategic and meaningful ways. “

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Rival publishers like Sony are becoming more and more aggressive about buying various small studios across the industry, but Nintendo has chosen to remain far more modest in its approach. The company’s most recent and most notable acquisition came back in January and announced that it had acquired Next Level Games, the developer of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

The partnership between Nintendo and Next Level Games dates back to 2005, where they collaborated to release Super Mario Strikers for GameCube. Since then, Next Level Games has developed more games for Nintendo consoles, including PunchOut. Nintendo Wii and Metroid Prime: Nintendo 3DS Federation Force.

Nintendo elaborated on plans to expand and improve the Switch Online service, as well as recently released premium expansion packs, elsewhere in the company management briefing. For more information on Nintendo, see this article detailing Nintendo hackers convicted of copyright infringement.

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