Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Nintendo Direct Forecast-Functions for September 2021

Image: Evan Amos / Nintendo Life

It is yeeeear’s most amazing tiiiiiime. No, it’s not a holiday with a gift-giving old man (which is good too), it’s Nintendo Direct Time, Baby!

And of course, like the tradition of Nintendo Direct Eve, we put out a tray of 1UP mushrooms and superstars for Miyamoto, and we sat around the fire guessing what we could get. This year I’m a great gamer and I don’t troll, disconnect or always say “gg” when needed. So I feel like I’ve won part of my wish list.

Here are our expectations, hopes and fears of the 40-minute showcase: Please let us know in the comments.


Comparison of Nintendo Switch OLED
Image: Nintendo

Switch OLED, new controller, lab … lol

Kate: The other day I saw a new controller registered … I don’t know what it is, but the Game Boy controller looks good just because I want to know how it’s working on it. prize. idea. But I also like the N64 controller. That way, young people can experience the same dilemma that we did: “But I don’t have three hands.”

Tom: The Nintendo Switch Online controller definitely seems like a good bet, and I like the idea of ​​a cute little wireless N64 controller. It will splatter from the My Nintendo shelves. It’s very difficult to talk to Nintendo, but it would be interesting if it was a wacky lab-style announcement from the left fielder.

Ryan: Yes, I also bet on new controllers related to Switch Online. Do not It has nothing to do with it. I’ve never felt the need to get NES and SNES controllers, but the quirky little Game Boy and N64 controllers may want to resist too much.

Ringfit News

You can expect

Image: Nintendo

Kate: Or ask me: Other games that use Ringcon. We’re not talking about adding a ring-con mini-game to WarioWare: Get It Together, we’re talking about a complete game designed around its squeeze controller. It was expensive! come!

Ryan: Maybe a sequel? A collaborative sequel for you and your partner / friend / grandma to train side by side. Ring Fit Adventure 2 Gether..

Nintendo Switch Online Update

Gameboy, N64

Gavin: Recently, there is too much smoke to prevent the fire from coming out.Even if it’s a small spark, not a huge flame all A retro platform you might want. You already have access to almost everything you want to play on your original hardware, but download the new Nintendo app right away before ignoring it.

Kate: This seems pretty certain … but I would like to know exactly what this means for NSO. There are many games I would like to see on Switch, but Nintendo doesn’t want to pay a license fee for most of them. Still, the first-party catalogs are Game Boy and N64 crackers.

Tom: If the Game Boy report is money, I also want a GBA. Because there was a cracking game in that cool little system, giving players weeks to play Metroid. Fusion makes sense. Of course, the N64 will be neat. We hope that subscriptions will generally increase with some great additions. I think it’s worth the money, but it’s nice to see Nintendo turn the story into something more positive.

Rumored announcement

Coffee and blood

Image: Konami

Gavin:rumor Castlevania Advance Collection It will be a nice little gift to ease us in the fall. The Switch may not yet have the Symphony of the Night, but the Aria of Sorrow is pretty special.

Tom: Alan Way Climaster It looks like a solid bet, thanks to the ratings that popped up online. Like most people, they prefer simple ports based on originals that work natively, but probably (* sigh) the cloud version. I don’t expect megatons because the timing of this stream is wrong (terrible for the EU, very early for Japan), but there is no doubt that there are some goodies and NSO updates, maybe that’s enough? ??

Metroid dread

Is there anything left to learn?

Gavin: I’ve filled in all the details of the pre-release Dread — I’m happy with the complete media blackout until October 8th.

Tom: What Gavin said.

Ryan: Also what Gavin said.

Kate: What Tom and Ryan said.

Life Is Strange: True Colors

Shining through

Life is strange
Image: Square Enix

Kate: Square Enix is ​​strangely silent about the day when the release of Life Is Strange: True Colors for Switch was delayed. I think it’s thanks to Direct. I want to play!

Tom: Hope the strange silence is not the kind of “Oh, we can’t announce it and get it done”.

Mario Party Superstars

One party that controls all of them

Tom: I really want a segment for this, it’s the perfect Christmas game!

Ryan: I’m usually not a fan of Mario Party, but something caught my attention about this when it was first unveiled. I would like to meet a little more happy – and we will surely do so.

Advance Wars

Memories tank

Tom: Me Worship It’s a strategy and tactics based game, but I’ve never played the original. Shocking, I know, but I’m pretty excited about these stylish remakes. Maybe you’ll get an overview introducing new features. I want daily and weekly challenges, or something in line with them.

Ryan: I haven’t played Advance Wars either, so you can take a closer look at the remakes. With so many games and little time, I really need to be sure I like something before jumping in, so I hope the Nintendo marketing team can seduce me with the new footage.

Soft Atabu Academy

Test pandemic and atrophied gray matter