Image: Nintendo

The latest Nintendo Direct was quite a bit, one of Nintendo’s longer broadcasts, and was actively packed with reveals and updates. The structure was also clever in terms of gaining wide multimedia coverage by introducing the long-awaited title, a whole new game, and announcing the main cast of the next Mario movie. Broadcast-related coverage is trending on your favorite social media platform.

So much work has been done from Nintendo’s point of view, and the initial results of our own research show that the “very good” B grade has a fair amount of weight, but the majority are “A” or “B”. Is given as a grade.

Certainly some moments stood out as a notable announcement. There was an important update for Nintendo Switch Online. It has an appropriately sized “expansion pack” and will be overhauled in October. Adding Nintendo 64 and Sega Megadrive / Genesis games is as welcome a boost as each highly collectable wireless controller, but Nintendo hasn’t yet outlined the price of this expansion. Is it a special affordable option that can be purchased in 12 month chunks, or is it limited to a monthly fee? It’s interesting to see Nintendo’s balance, but by choosing to pass on some or all of the associated licensing and emulation costs to consumers, take relatively careful steps to avoid negative reactions. is needed.