Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Nintendo denies that it will increase profits through Switch OLED, “no plans” for other models

Nintendo issued a statement claiming that it will obtain higher profits through the Switch OLED compared to the standard model and describing it as “incorrect.”

This post sent to investors and customers on social media this morning cited a Bloomberg report that stated that the manufacturing cost of Switch OLED “increased by about $10 per unit, which means that Nintendo is increasing its profit margins.” This is the complete information from Nintendo:

“A news report on July 15, 2021 (JST) stated that the profit margin of Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will increase compared to Nintendo Switch. In order to ensure the correct understanding between our investors and customers, we Want to make it clear that the claim is incorrect.

We also want to clarify that we have just announced that the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will be launched in October 2021, and there are currently no plans to launch any other models. “

As you can see, Nintendo also took the time to state that it “has no plans to launch any other models at the moment”, presumably to address the idea of ​​further upgraded models, which will make this new OLED variant less attractive. It can also be in the near future.

Last week, an industry analyst warned that Nintendo’s increase in OLED pricing “may set a precedent for the entire industry to increase fees.”Of course, if Nintendo really Is not Benefiting from higher profit margins, higher prices at least seem more reasonable.