Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Nintendo confirms that there is no CPU or RAM upgrade in the OLED switch

© Nintendo

After months of Switch Pro rumors, Nintendo finally announced its new hardware SKU-but behind the scenes, the Switch OLED model is very similar to the original Switch.

Although there are rumors that the new version will have a more powerful processor to handle 4K output when docked, it turns out that these are inaccurate-at least for this model.

Nintendo has confirmed edge that:

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) does not have the new CPU or more RAM of the previous Nintendo Switch model.

The OLED model does offer a larger and better screen, enhanced audio and a redesigned base, and now includes a LAN port.

Switch OLED model released at the same time Metroid Fear On October 8, the retail price in North America was $349.99 and the retail price in the United Kingdom was approximately £310.

According to reports, Nvidia — the company’s Tegra X1 Mariko “system on chip” that powers the Switch and Switch Lite — reportedly will end production of the SoC that powers all three Switch models this year.