Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Nintendo confirms that it will carry out Switch digital transaction promotion after E3 event

©Nintendo Life

Soon after, Nintendo’s E3 live broadcast began. Nintendo of the United States has confirmed that a series of Switch digital sales will be broadcast on June 15th at around 10 am Pacific time / 1 pm Eastern time / 6 pm UK/ It will be launched around 7pm Central European Time. It is worth noting that at this stage, we should not assume that there will be the same transactions in a region like Europe, but we hope that will be the case.

There will be a discount of up to 50%, and we think this will be a curated list of some of the best and most compelling eShop games.

Of course, there is also hope that the live broadcast will include some “now” eShop versions, which must have happened in the past few years. Fingers crossed!

Therefore, please be prepared to check this wish list after E3 Direct next week.