Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Nintendo Announces “First Ever” Official Licensed Smash Bros. Championship Circuit for North America

DLC Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It may be over, but that doesn’t mean that Nintendo ends up at its all-star fight.

In 2022, we partnered with the Esports team “Panda Global” to launch the “first-ever” official licensed championship circuit for Smash Ultimate and GameCube Classic in North America. Super Smash Bros. DX.. Details of the event, schedule and prizes will be announced in the future.

The circuit is open to qualified players who “have what they need” to compete with the best. Players across the United States will compete in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online qualifying round and in both Ultimate and Melee face-to-face qualifying when a major event returns. The winners of these virtual rounds will compete in the Grand Finals of the Championship.

Players in Canada and Mexico can also participate and compete even if they are allowed to travel abroad and participate in face-to-face events. Players can get the latest information at panda.gg. Nintendo states that a pandemic could cancel face-to-face qualifying at any time.

Bill Trinen, NoA’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, has labeled this announcement as the “next step” in Nintendo’s efforts to create a fun and cozy competitive environment for its player base.

‚ÄúThis partnership with Panda Global is the next step in Nintendo’s efforts to create a more consistent, fun and cozy competitive environment for players and fans. We are like Panda Global. We are proud to work with you to celebrate and support your growing competitiveness. Super Smash Bros. Create a community and create a space where all players can test and hone their competitiveness. “

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