Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Nintendo advises new switch owners to complete the setup before Christmas to avoid disappointment

Image: Nintendo Life / Damian McFerrand

The Switch may be celebrating its 5th anniversary, but it’s still the best-selling game console on the market at the moment. There is no doubt that many new owners and systems will be online during this holiday season. Of course, when that happens, it often causes server issues that can affect e-shop access and account creation.

Nintendo is eager to warn the owners of the new switch. Especially parents are suspicious of giving them to their children and setting them up before a big day. Nintendo’s Japanese customer service account said that (thank you, Siriconera), And local accounts are expected to promote similar messages in the next few days.

Access to the Nintendo Account server is expected to be concentrated this weekend, which can cause things like not being able to create a Nintendo Account right away.

If you are new to the Nintendo Switch family features, we recommend that you create your own features. [accounts] In advance.

I think this also applies to pre-downloading e-shop games.

update: The Nintendo of America has tweeted useful links to help with the setup.

Hopefully on December 25th, Nintendo’s servers will hold up and pass, but they Did it There are some issues in 2020, so it’s worth preparing in advance just in case. If you’re wondering what you need to do with a new switch, check out the guide below.