Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Nintendo 64 sins and punishments are now official Western Box Art

image: Via Nintendo / PidgiWiki

After recent rumors, Nintendo opened the lid on the N64 game on the Switch Online service yesterday. They will arrive “late” next month as part of the “Expansion Pass,” which also includes the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) title.

Fans are finding some small differences between regions-like the addition of Custom Robo When Custom Robo V2 In Japan, there is also a 6-button Sega Mega Drive controller.Well, words Seems to have spread How Nintendo Official North American box art Crime and Punishment Here on the west side, it will be displayed on Switch Online.

Arcade rail shooter jointly developed by Treasure ( Gunstar Heroes, Ikaruga, And others) was released on the N64 only in Japan in 2000. Seven years later, it was released on the Wii Virtual Console, and finally the Wii U. At that time, there was really no need to change the box art. Here’s a Japanese box art in case you can’t remember.

Sin and Punishment (Japan Box Art)
image: Nintendo / via MobyGames

Limited run owner, Josh FairhurstAlso, seeing the North American box art above making a round, I realized that it was a “dream” to work on the physical cartridge release of this game for platforms like the Nintendo 64. ..

What do you think of this localized box art from Sin & Punishment? Want to see the game physically released in North America and Europe someday? Please leave a comment below.