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Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Review (Switch eShop)

Whatever you like Ninja Gaiden Sigma exceed Ninja Gaiden Black, Or the second part of the enhanced version of “Vanilla”, or don’t care about either way, just want to continue slicing and dicing, the prospect of enjoying the Team Ninja legendary action series on Switch is very attractive. This is a game trilogy Although they have many characteristics and aging elements, they still have the ability to provide some very satisfying combat. What the three old stubborns really need is a decent porting job, with a good smooth frame rate and clear, clear resolution, they are likely to get our recommendation immediately. Unfortunately, at least on Nintendo’s hybrid consoles, Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is not what we wanted.

With the pre-release media touting Switch ports designed to achieve 720p and 60fps — and Platinum Games’ similar crazy Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 manage to achieve this feat on Nintendo’s console — we have high hopes that Ryu Hayabusa’s adventure will Log on to the Switch in a beautiful form. However, apart from the older first entry in the series, what we actually get is a disappointing product that can neither adhere to its target resolution or expected frame rate for a long period of time. This is a surprisingly chaotic conversion, a “master” series, absolutely no help to these golden old songs.

However, let us stay positive for as long as possible.Stuck in the classic Ninja Gaiden Sigma, things do Start a promising start with Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection, and we have zero problems when it is undoubtedly the best entry in the series. Whether playing in docked mode or handheld mode, Ryu’s virgin adventure is a smooth journey on Switch-because it really should have its age-and it is still an absolute riot, and it will return to everything in the future. time. This is really the best state of Ninja Gaiden; a cruel but always fair challenge that requires you to spend time learning, approach each enemy carefully, and use your every combination, special moves, items and Ninpo to survive.

At the age of 14, there must be some aspects of this camera that have far exceeded their best condition, the most notable is a camera, when it is stuffed into a small area with multiple opponents, it may become Old pain in the back. However, in addition to these expected problems, it is surprising how well this first outing will perform in 2021, and it is really nice to master it in the portable mode of the Switch. Sigma may not be the version that everyone likes-we fully understand why-but the basic quality of the original game still works, and anyone who hasn’t tasted the fun of it will definitely be shocked by the good state it still maintains.

Keep using Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, well, in terms of gameplay, this more exaggerated franchise still has a lot of fun. It may not be as difficult, thoughtful, or refined as its predecessor. It may abandon the maze-like and dense levels of the original, which will help push you through the corridors full of bad guys that are washed repeatedly, but this sequel is in action and spectacle. , Still absolutely able to do it. Want to fight against the possessed Statue of Liberty, kick out twenty shadows from the army of lycanthropes, or let the canals of Venice be dyed red by the blood of the enemy? Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 has your support, and despite all the complaints about how it was downplayed in this Sigma version, it is still a bloody and difficult game with a higher difficulty than normal.

In this sequel, the added decapitation and overcharged ending moves bring a completely different rhythm to the battle. This is a fundamentally simpler game that allows you to spend some time using elimination techniques or using super-charged Ninpo to make room among a group of enemies. There are more opportunities to heal and save your progress, so this is a replayable action game; a completely OTT, the boss is crowded with people, I hope you will come back again and again to improve you Ranks and increase the difficulty as you progress. This master series also restores all the cute blood and violence to the proceedings through the Day One patch, so the Bloody Hounds can rejoice because they paint the town red instead of purple and green.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is also full of various modes, including chapter challenges, ninja competitions, and tag missions to keep players busy after completing about 10 hours of battle. In short, there is a lot of cute violent fun here, or at least if the whole thing is not ruined by the technical issues that keep dragging down the entire experience.

From the beginning, these problems surfaced with the Switch port of Sigma 2. In docking and handheld mode, some very demanding dynamic resolution scaling will see a serious degradation of image quality because it tries to maintain the frame rate. At an acceptable level-a level that it is totally unattainable in most cases.We estimate that most of the time when using Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on the Switch, the frame rate we see is definitely nowhere Close to the touted 60fps. We are not Digital Foundry, so we can’t provide exact numbers, but the game simply can’t reach the goal in battle, or just when wandering around in the environment.

This technical inconsistency on the Switch is a real shame, a chaotic experience, and it may be the worst experience we have ever played in this game on any system we remember. It also seems to struggle without any rhythm or reason. When the resolution drops to a completely pixelated chaos, the fairly quiet extension can become very stuttering, and busy areas-such as the infamous stair fight scene-performance It’s very good in comparison.

When you play this ancient classic game, all that is left is constant stuttering. Even in the docking mode, the resolution will change greatly and very obviously from time to time. This is a headache, not the way you really want to experience this type of game, when your ninja’s head is completely kicked in, try to decipher the enemy in the angry mob.

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge’s performance here is not much better. The opening of the rather disappointing third work in this series in London immediately sounded our alarm, especially in handheld mode. In this case, the dark chaos of pixels continues, which makes it possible to successfully time your attempts. Anything you hit becomes troublesome for your opponent.Switch to docked mode do Seeing that Razor’s Edge performs quite well compared to its portable counterparts—even much better than Sigma 2, strangely—but it still continues to suffer in terms of overall image quality and frame rate. It always looks and feels unpolished, and you end up restlessly waiting for the next frame rate drop or discordant image blur. These are not the game types that you want to encounter often, and jump back to game types like Bayonetta 2 as we compare here. As far as quality is concerned, how big the quality gap is is a great port that has been dealt with. It is far from smooth or clear.

In the end, what the owner of the Switch gets is not the Master Collection, really. The original Ninja Gaiden Sigma may work well enough, but beyond that, the content here will only arouse our interest in the series of versions on other platforms, which are expected to provide 4K resolution and rock-solid 60fps. If your only viable option is to play on Switch, you can at least still experience the fun of the original Ninja Gaiden, although it slightly downplays the incarnation of Sigma. Otherwise, this is a very disappointing experience, which provides lagging, pixelated and rather unpleasant versions of Sigma 2 and Razor’s Edge.

Note: The first day patch of Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection added the PS3 version of Sigma and Sigma 2 blood and decapitation, as well as minor bug fixes. There is no special mention of performance in the comments, but it is not impossible that things might improve. If this is the case, we will update this comment to reflect the changes.

in conclusion

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection has made a good start on Switch. A nice port of Ninja Gaiden Sigma performs well in both docked and handheld modes. However, once you start the second and third parts, everything is downhill, and the dynamic resolution will cause pixelated chaos in some places, because the frame rate is always difficult to keep up with the action. All we need here is a robust and concise port, this series will be an instant recommendation. As far as the current situation is concerned, this is a disappointing experience and needs to be patched as soon as possible. If you can choose to play elsewhere, this should be the last version you choose.

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