Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

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Nintendo Life

Slime. Gombs. Pigis. Gel-like cubes. Mud crab. For creatures at the bottom of the food chain in video games, life has always been difficult.They exist to make us feel strong, they exist to Make We are strong.

At the beginning of the game, they can be used as simple materials for XP farming and testing our new combat abilities; they can make an area appear densely populated, without making players just starting their journey feel overcrowded. In the end, even in the middle of the game, they are just snails that you accidentally step on under your boots on your way to the supermarket.

What kind of life is being led: always inferior, destined to never grow up, and never reach a height higher than “general mook”. But do you know the worst part?Many of these poor, doomed, weak creatures are based on Animals in real life, And those animals don’t even know that we think they are just playable animals.

Mud crab?More like a misunderstood crab
Mud crab?More like a misunderstood crab

Since this is the crab news on Thursday, I want to start with our little friends. In real life, crabs are small but powerful, and can provide the squeeze that requires at least a large piece of plaster. In video games, crabs are stupid and weak infants. Few have more than 50 HP. They can be dismissed by just hitting their heads.

And, of course, most of the crabs you find on Norfolk Beach are small crabs, you can scoop them into the bucket without worry, but do you have one? Seen Spider crab and coconut crab? Obviously, according to this article, I searched “Will a crab pinch kill you?”, Coconut crab can Kill the whole bird. I am not much older than a bird!

"Just you know, I caught you just to feed me stronger Pokémon."
“So you know, I caught you just to feed me stronger Pokémon.”

Speaking of our close friends with birds, in Pokémon games, they all start with almost the same thing: this is a little bird named Pidgey or Pidove or Piflamingo, they exist only to make your beginner Pokémon get used to the smell of blood . It doesn’t matter, there is an entire Hitchcock movie about how hateful birds are, especially if they know where all the soft parts of your face are-what did the birds do to be worthy of being the punching bag of the whole series?

Bats, birds, bugs, bandits and spots: For decades, we have regarded them as weak, insignificant, and hardly worth our time. Occasionally we get a metaphorical reversal or subversion, such as The Legend of Zelda: The Big Green Chuchu in a Mini Hat, or Paper Mario: Goombella, the friendly and near-human Goomba partner in the Thousand-Year Gate, but these are usually the rules Exception. We seem to have just generally thought that certain creatures are the lowest form of life, and they should die unceremoniously.

socialism?More like slime socialism
socialism?More like slime socialism

If I find it a bit lengthy and annoying, I might turn this article into a deletion of, uh, capitalism or other things. You know how the strong (boss) use the labor of the poor (mooks) to do their dirty work (to disturb the heroes), and how the working class (mooks) need to seize the means of production (…Bowser’s flamethrower, or other things). But today is Thursday, I don’t like it, so you write a little bit by yourself, okay?

My point is: every hero’s journey is built on a mountain of corpses. These corpses are so insignificant to you that they are almost never registered as a flash in the pan on your radar. This is the developer. miss you You think and feel.This is why so many low-level monsters are slimes, because a piece of mayonnaise is difficult to humanize. But I want to tell you, dear developer, you gave too many real-life animals a bad rap. Why does Pokémon keep using birds and bugs? What does Bethesda think about crabs? And why do the low-level soldiers in The Witcher 3 always have chicken sandwiches in their pockets? The last question is not relevant, I am just curious.

Goombas is also worthy of love, right?
Goombas is also worthy of love, right?

But recently, the situation of the first-level bad guys has improved.With monster raising games, such as Slime Rancher, Long live PinataAnd Stardew Valley—you can trap a bunch of slimes in a pen to breed them for valuable mucus—the market for caring for babies instead of trampling them over and over is growing. Many people, including myself, want to take care of crabs and birds instead of killing them.

I am far from the first to suggest that violence in games becomes a bit boring, and The new popular practice is to spend time caring for animals, But I want to add my voice to the call anyway.

If anyone there can make a game and is still reading this article: please give me a crab game. Let me make up for all the murders I did.