Monday, May 16th, 2022

New Zelda games and clocks hide cool little secrets

Image: Nintendo Life

Today, Nintendo’s latest game and watch system is on sale. New Games & Watches: When The Legend of Zelda hits the shelves, it’s hard to believe it’s said in 2021. It’s a cool little device with lots of features, but there’s one little secret that Nintendo has kept from us until its launch.

There is no doubt that attention will be paid to the system’s color screen and the Zelda game that is included when the unit arrives, but if you get the chance, take the console out of the casing and turn it over. On the back, under the right lighting conditions, you should see a glowing Triforce symbol, as shared by Nintendo Life reader @Ferdsigner.

The details are as follows.

The Legend of Zelda Games & Watch
image: @Ferdsigner

Now, forgive me for missing this altogether in the Zelda Games & Watch review. As mentioned earlier, you need to be in a relatively dark room and increase the brightness of the unit to find it. Still, that’s a small addition, isn’t it?

Are you getting a new Zelda game & watch today? Do you already have it, as we are talking about? Please let us know in the comments below.