Saturday, October 16th, 2021

New World Review in progress

Amazon’s New World is finally available in our world (do you think it’s technically the Old World?) And the server is so packed on the first day that I’m still in I can’t. However, I’ve been running around the finished version of this colonial MMO for the past week, and I haven’t had about the same number of players and cue times that many are currently experiencing. I’m also in charge of most of IGN’s official wiki guide, so almost all of that time runs around as a pre-made level 60 character, poking through various damaged beehives and shaking off anything. Spent to see if it can be done. Those as you don’t have to. But this is my first impression of this long-awaited MMORPG, as it gave me time to build land and understand how everything works.

The premise of the New World is very simple. You are a member of the crew of a pirate ship who set out to search for a mysterious island called Aeternum, which is rumored to be full of treasure. When landing in the midst of a storm infused with the dark energy of the island, called the Fall, it is launched on the shore with only a rag on its back, and must fight creatures and the rest of the island’s humans. Residents (survivors from past shipwrecks). It’s basically like the Pirates of the Caribbean MMO, with some high fantasy elements in it. This is perfectly fine for the original settings. It’s great that Amazon Games seems to be consulted by experts who create and influence real-world culture. It is drawing. At least that’s what the splash screen claims. But I haven’t delved into that main story quest yet. So it’s too early to say if it’s convincing enough to drive me on a long journey.

It’s worth noting early on that all this looks really gorgeous on Amazon’s Lumberyard engine (based on CryTek’s CryEngine). This engine does a great job of rendering real-time volume lighting and processing a large number of characters and effects at the same time. Not only is the MMO’s draw distance very impressive, but all the trees and grass sway in the wind, casting accurate visible shadows at maximum settings. In that favor, I got a strong The Witcher 3 atmosphere from the overall look of the New World. Please note that my machine has been significantly enhanced. I’m running the RTX 2080 Super on a Ryzen 3900X with a whopping 32GB of high speed RAM.

All of this looks really gorgeous on Amazon’s Lumberyard engine.


As with any MMO, start by creating a character. However, New World has a relatively modest sum of different faces and hairstyles. Then select a name and leave. It doesn’t get any deeper and more complicated, and there are no additional races or classes to choose from from the beginning. If you want to keep things simple, this is fine, but it’s certainly not offering a swarm of customization options that fans of FINAL FANTASY 14 and Black Desert Online may be familiar with.

As soon as you reach the island, you will be introduced to combat and basic quests. In either case, don’t expect anything breakthrough. Talk to an NPC that has a quest and you’ll see a dialog page and a preview of the quest reward. This actually feels as deep as the interaction in World of Warcraft and Destiny 2. But at least these conversations are performed properly in voice.

New World Open Beta Screenshot — One Night Live Gamescom 2021

It has not yet been decided whether the battle of the New World can last for a long time. It’s not much different from other hack and slash RPGs, but it often blocks, evades, or destroys enemy defenses to be effective. The enemies, especially the dryads you encounter later, are also a bit more intense than the standard enemies of other action MMOs. Enemies are smarter and don’t just stand while swinging. They dodge and avoid your attacks and make the fighting more dynamic than I’m used to. On our side, we feel that weapons are good to swing around. Activating an ability locks it into an animation, but its position and timing have a significant impact on its effectiveness in combat.this can If you don’t timely attack, evade, or block, the battle will feel rigid.

Enemies are a bit more fierce than standard enemies in other action MMOs.


However, combat in the New World is not without its problems. For me, they started when a swarm of enemies rushed in and spammed the attacks all at once, making it difficult for them to stun me and get enough shots before they died. I’ve been playing completely solo so far, taking into account the fact that these encounters may be suitable for a group of players, but nonetheless, these swarms are the roads I needed. The entire map is pockmarked, including the middle of the map. Move to reach the next zone. It’s not a good omen for anyone planning to venture alone.

My remaining issues with New World combat are directly due to its dull character customization system. A classless approach is sufficient. To build a character, you need to select the ones you are interested in and focus on those specific skills, such as The Elder Scrolls Online. On paper, there is a decent pool of weapon skills to choose from. But this stagnated progress for me when I realized that I couldn’t combine multiple skills in a meaningful way at the same time. It makes sense that you can’t use hatchet skills in rapiers, but it’s a shame that there are no interstitial skills or spells outside those boundaries. You never have a weapon in one hand and a bomb or fireball spell in the other. Not all passive skill trees and armor skill trees are useful in all situations. If you’re developing a weapon skill, you’re playing in the correct skill tree, with no interaction between that weapon and anything else.

So it’s okay if you can quickly switch between the two weapons during combat.For example, if you want to lure an enemy into a short distance with a bow and take them out with a giant ax, you can theoretically do that … but it may not be. I want NS.

This is because New World character customization, and subsequent combat, is constrained by a limited attribute system. Shoehorn to use only a pool of carefully selected small weapon types per build. For example, the Focus attribute is of no use to anyone other than life staff users. Putting points in Focus is a great opportunity cost that separates you from putting points in Strength. This attribute is Warhammer, but it doesn’t help at all for anyone with a bow or musket, like Focus. However, trying to split the point in two confuses the build, which severely limits the options if you want to be effective. This is a frustrating limitation on what you think needs to be a flexible system that allows for all sorts of builds. Thankfully, even in the middle of the dungeon, you can respecify the entire attribute build at any time with just a few coins.

Thankfully, you can respecify the entire attribute build at any time.


Weapon skills and related abilities are completely different issues. To build these individual skills, such as sword and shield skills and bow skills, you need to smash them. Still, very few attacks can be queued to the hotbar. You’re always stuck with just three special moves and spells in your hotbar (by comparison, The Elder Scrolls Online gives you six, and other MMOs are basically unlimited).And what you can play is directly tied to the weapon you have, which means playing with a particular weapon type Almost always It feels exactly the same, but the only variation is two different skill lines that you can follow within each weapon skill tree.

But, for example, if you want to be the best tank, always play with your sword and shield. everytime Dive into a skill line that focuses on the exact same shield. My level 60 sword and shield wielder (again, the ready-made character I used before the launch) felt that it wasn’t much different than when I created the first level character.

Another major focus of New World is the player-based economy. It focuses on craft and survival elements. If you’re not interested in the survival and crafting elements of games like Minecraft and Don’t Starve, it could turn off quickly because New World is completely dependent on these things. Virtually all required items must be stripped from bushes or mined from rocks and refined or crafted at the town’s Trade Skills Station.

The kicker is that there are no NPC vendors in the New World.


The kicker is that there are no NPC vendors in the New World. If you can’t find an item for sale by another player at your local trading post, you’ll have to go out and craft or find it yourself, as it’s specific to the payment you’re currently standing on. If you are interested in such things, this is cool as it gives you a concrete reason to build your trading skills. But again, the New World economy isn’t just a fun side-effect of dipping your toes between quests when you feel like it. This is the lifeline for trekking on this gorgeous haunted island.

Reminiscent of old MMOs, New World is also a much harder game to move around. Currently there are no mounts. Passing through each zone is a bit of a slogan, especially if an encounter on the road will definitely kill you and you could return to your original starting point if no other settlement is nearby. Fast travel exists, but is severely limited by a rare resource called Azoth, which is difficult to obtain (although fast travel is not unreasonably difficult to uselessly).

Anyway, as soon as the server queue is allowed, I jump in and start playing the new character from scratch with the new character. Don’t forget to keep my adventure unfolding. And in the comments, please tell us your thoughts on the new world so far.