Amazon Games is a popular MMO New World of all forms of wealth, following exploits that allow players to duplicate gold, post images in the game’s global chat, and crash other players’ games. Invalidated the move.

Update post This issue, published in the New World forums, details the actions the studio is taking.

According to a statement from one of the game’s community managers, “We are aware that gold reproductions can be abused and are temporarily disabling all forms of wealth transfer between players.” It states. “All players involved in using this exploit will take countermeasures,” the post said before confirming that the developers are working hard on the fix.

New World Open Beta Screenshot — One Night Live Gamescom 2021

Disabling all forms of wealth transfer in the game may sound like a pretty extreme step from the developer, but while further investigating the issue, the studio ensures the situation. One way to get control.

The first statement in the forum did not specify exactly what to do with the players participating in the gold duplication, but in subsequent posts the studio “individuals used”. Is banned. ” [the exploit].. ”

Gold duplication aside, the studio has fixed it to prevent players from misusing other elements in the game, such as posting images using text chat or crashing other players’ games. Provided.

“We found an issue where players could post images and other links to chat, causing offensive behavior,” he said. Another forum post Published by the studio last week. “We have resolved this issue and enabled a fix to prevent players from exploiting this feature.”

Amazon Games is working to prevent players from replicating gold in the New World, but this isn’t the first time the game has faced currency issues since its launch. Last month, IGN reported that New World was affected by the deflationary currency crisis, causing some players to establish a barter economy within the game’s servers.

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