Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

New World: Amazon’s very popular MMO is trying to reduce queue time around the world

The new world is absolutely Huge To the point where it became very difficult to actually play the game when it was released yesterday. Thankfully, Amazon Games is working to reduce queue time around the world to bring new players into the MMO.

Developer is updating New World Forum Throughout the first day of release. So far, additional worlds have been added to the EU Central, Western North America, Eastern North America, and Australia servers with the goal of evenly serving more players. Over time, you can probably expect more expansion as the team promises to monitor the congestion of the world.

If you want to dive in while the hype is hot, a website run by a new fan, New world status It aims to provide live data on the number of players around the world, such as the number of people waiting in a queue in a particular world in the game and the estimated average waiting time.

It’s quite possible that even Amazon was surprised by the popularity of the New World launch date. It quickly became Steam’s most played game of the year, reaching over 700,000 simultaneous players and breaking Valheim’s huge record since the beginning of 2021.

He started a review of New World, praising its appearance and player-based economy, but expressed early concerns about combat and character customization. It will be updated over time, but the first impression is positive.

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