Since its launch on Tuesday, Amazon’s MMORPG New World has literally been overwhelmingly popular. Despite doubling the number of servers since its release, publishers are now asking new fans who log in to the game for the first time to find and join a server with less capacity in the game.

As shared in the Twitter update (below), the development team talked more about how players can avoid the existing queue time in New World. This is mainly done by choosing to be part of a less popular server rather than jumping into an already packed world. I’m waiting for you to come in.

“Our team is working 24 hours a day to add as many servers as possible and will continue to add until the latency stabilizes,” says Amazon. “While we’re doing that, we have the option to join the game quickly. For players logging in for the first time, 40% of live servers have low or no latency. Look for these servers. I recommend that you play. “

For existing players, it’s a little difficult. Amazon says it’s currently working on a feature that allows you to transfer your character to another server to make it easier to play with your friends, which is currently not possible in the game. The company says it aims to bring this feature to its fans next week, but in the meantime, players already registered on oversubscribed servers have few choices and Amazon will take up space. Existing wait time waiting to increase and hoping new players will not add to them.

Waiting time in New World talks a lot about the incredible popularity of the game since its launch. The new MMO has already become the most played game in 2021 and has peaked more than 200,000 players so far than Balheim. I had a record before. Amazon has more than 1 million players participating in the game on the release date itself, with the latest statistics SteamDB Despite server issues, the game shows an impressive new high of 758,543 simultaneous players.

This may not be a surprise to fans who followed the game before it went on sale. The open beta version of the game featured its own successful stint on Steam when it ran in July. For Amazon, New World is a heartfelt contrast to the company’s previously published work in the gaming space. Prior to New World, the studio’s final effort was in the form of Crucible. This is a free multiplayer third person shooter whose server was shut down in November due to a fairly poor run on Steam.

If you’re currently thinking of jumping into the new world, check out the ongoing reviews of the game. Or, if you’re currently waiting on one of the New Worlds server queues, why not spend some time checking out the dedicated New World wiki, which contains a wealth of information to help you get started on the coast of Aeternum. ..

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