Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

“New version” of D & D to appear in 2024

The Dungeons & Dragons team has announced that the next iteration of the desktop fantasy RPG will debut in 2024.

The next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons, revealed in D & D Celebration 2021, is not officially called D & D 6e, but will be released in a new version of the Core Rulebook to coincide with D & D’s 50th anniversary. “We started working on the next evolution of Dungeons & Dragons earlier this year,” said Raywinninger, Executive Producer of D & D.The future of D & D“The panel is a new sourcebook for both classic and new game settings coming out in 2022 and 23 (similar to this year’s Van Richten Ravenloft Guide or 2019’s Ebberon: Rising from the Last War). I also outlined.

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According to Winninger, the new ruleset will continue to be compatible with the 5th edition of books and supplements and will be designed primarily based on 5e community feedback. “We really For real “Thanks for your feedback,” Winninger continued, “we are doing our best to provide the version of the game you really want.

The D & D Live panel didn’t discuss much about the specific details, but more about what you can expect if your team goes a little further, except that it may contain digital components and supplements. It seems that a lot of information can be expected. In the development process next year. “I can’t say any more about what our plan is. We’re still planning,” Wininger said when asked about the development of this next iteration. “Next year we need to say more about the future of D & D … and perhaps most importantly, say more about what to say when we’re ready to talk more about next year’s plans. Fans can contribute and help shape this game as much as possible. “

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