Monday, January 17th, 2022

New Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin details feature pirates, a touch of chaos

Square Enix shared new details and screenshots of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins, a new soul-like final fantasy game for Nioh Studio Team Ninja.

Stranger of Paradise is a new interpretation of the original FINAL FANTASY, focusing on Hero Jack and his quest to destroy chaos and bring light back to Cornelia’s crystals. Today, Square Enix introduced the pirate Captain Bicke that Jack and his companions encounter.

New Stranger of Paradise: Screenshots of FINAL FANTASY Origin

They encounter Bicke on a pirate ship moored at Pravo Cassie Grotto, a new location in the game. The pirate captain swings a two-handed ax in battle. Other characters introduced include the Cornelia royal family, which consists of the King, Queen Jane, and their daughters Sarah and Mia.

Square Enix has also passed the break gauge system in combat where combos and abilities reduce the enemy’s gauge. When exhausted, you can defeat the enemy with a single blow. There is also a new ability called Soul Shield. It absorbs enemy attacks and can be fired immediately at the enemy.

Also, as with Dark Souls, Jedi Fallen Order, and other genres of games, healing Jack with the Checkpoint Cube will resurrect all monsters in the area. If you fall into battle, respawn with the last recovered cube.

First announced at E3 2021, Stranger of Paradise is not a direct continuation or prequel to FINAL FANTASY 1. Instead, it sounds like a remix of the first game, using the same settings and some elements of the original story.

After a rough demo period when the game wasn’t playable, I was able to try Stranger of Paradise. The game is “actually shaped to be a very promising action / soul-like spin in the Final Fantasy franchise.” It may also be improved as the developers implement changes made based on player feedback. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin editions can be found here.

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