Friday, September 17th, 2021

New Metroid horror footage with a link to Samus Returns was quickly deleted

Image: Nintendo

Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account briefly uploaded a previously invisible clip from the upcoming Metroid Fear, which shows the reconstructed elements at the end of Metroid: The Return of Sams.

The clip has now been deleted, and it reproduces the ending scene of the previous game from the developer MercurySteam in the series, the 2017 3DS remake of the Game Boy’s Metroid II: The Return of Sams.

It may be deleted soon, but the Internet will never forget it! @itsa_me_gameboy The clip is archived on Twitter-if you have no comments on potential spoilers, check them out below:

Someone also found that the same lens was set to private on Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube account (obviously the quality is much higher). Similarly, if you are in a state of Metroid Dread information interruption, please pay attention to the slight spoiler alert: