Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

New content bounces back to Phantasy Star Online 2’s new book of Genesis

What’s exciting is Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis!! On October 13th, new content will launch Aelio in the form of new classes, a new gameplay-based reward system, and a new type of endgame challenge! Read below for more information on Bouncer Classes, Mission Passes, and Battle Deer.

Bouncer class is now available at Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis!! A light class with soaring blades and jet boots as weapons.

Jet boots

Jet boots are a unique weapon Phantasy Star Online 2 New GenesisThis depends on whether the bouncer selects the “Jet Boot Element Set” class skill in the skill tree, as it is the only weapon type that can trigger additional element attacks with the elements of the selected technique.

The photon arts of the jet boots are also unique and one of the ones worth mentioning is the “spinning gusto” which offers forward movement combined with vertical spin to attack a single enemy. This can be empowering and the bouncer can surprise the enemy with a powerful roundhouse kick as the final move.

Soaring blade

A short-range weapon, the soaring blades allow a variety of attacks with both physical blades and photon blades that they can fly. When using Soaring Blades Photon Art, pressing the PA button again will change the form of the attack. These “variant attacks” allow unobstructed movement and are easy to use in the air.

Photon blades are deployed using the Soaring Blade Weapon Action. This is a long-range attack that helps you keep pressure on your enemies while repositioning them on the field. If the bouncer acquires the class skill “Photon Blade PP Recovery”, the PP will be restored to the bouncer when a normal attack is made against an enemy with an embedded photon blade.

Enemies weakened by down

Bouncers can contribute to the physical and elemental down of powerful enemies faster than other classes. These occur when the player deals continuous damage to a particular area (weakness) of the enemy, and elemental down occurs with repeated attacks that correspond to the enemy’s elemental weakness.

Depending on the type of enemy, it can be weakened or stunned, and the player can do a lot of damage while the enemy is down. Bouncers are the only class that can make attacks that accumulate enemy down factors more quickly.

This is achieved by the bouncer’s class skill “Elemental Decline”, which increases the speed at which the enemy’s Elemental Down Factor accumulates, and the skill “Physical Decline”, which increases the speed at which the enemy’s Physical Down Factor accumulates. Therefore, this class is very popular with other players because of this coveted ability.

Mission Pass NGS Season 1

Mission Pass NGS is a reward system that provides players with a way to earn coveted cosmetics and valuable items based on the completion of in-game tasks. Mission Pass NGS Season 1 is available until November 10th. Each season has a new lineup of cosmetics and special offers, so don’t miss it and be active in New Genesis!

The mission pass includes 30 tiers starting at Tier 1, or points where benefits are offered. Those who have obtained the N-Mission Gold Pass (October 13th to November 2nd, or login privilege through SG shop or AC shop). You can access Gold Rewards. You can reach new tiers by earning stars that will be awarded when you complete various daily and weekly tasks in the game.

Battle Deer Quest

Mission Pass is not the only debut in New Genesis. This update also introduces a new type of endgame challenge, the Battle Deer Quest between Yellow and Purple. Battledia can be completed in groups of up to 4 players, perfect for anyone who wants to play with friends and alliance members.

Batteldia: Yellow is a training facility accessible using the B-Trigger / Ael Yellow key on the trigger portal. Battledia: You can earn experience points (EXP) while in Yellow, but not when the enemy expires, but you can earn them all at once by clearing the quest.

Battledia: You need a B-Trigger / Ael Purple key to access Purple. Powerful enemies will appear, and the reward will vary depending on the number of dispatched within the time limit. Rewards may include powerful enhancements to upgrade equipment and rare weapon and armor drops!

All of this has been added to the world of free games — Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis — There is no better time to sign on as ARKS Defender! See you at Aelio!

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

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The latest chapter in the Phantasy Star Online 2 series, Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, is finally here! It’s time to dive into an adventure beyond your imagination! This new adventure takes place in a vast open field! With beautifully evolved graphics, up to 32 people can enjoy adventures in a new world! The simple and intuitive controls developed in the previous series have also evolved! A new dimension of battle with various powerful enemies awaits! New actions, Photon Dash and Photon Glide, make it easy to traverse vast open fields. Of course, the ultimate character creation is also evolving. Create your own unique main character around the world and embark on a new adventure!・ The core game is free to play, but there are some paid contents that can be purchased. -The Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis game that can be downloaded with this content is the same as other editions. If you already have it installed, you do not need to download it.・ Phantasy Star Online 2 If you proceed with playing with New Genesis, you will be able to play Phantasy Star Online 2.・ To play this game, please log in with an administrator account.