Bungie has added matchmaking support to Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris mode to welcome a wider range of players, but it hasn’t been released unless it’s itself quite controversial.

For those who don’t know, Trials of Osiris is Destiny 2’s high-risk, high-paying, competitive 3v3PvP mode in which players try to win seven games in a row and go perfectly. Doing so will give players access to special rewards for the lighthouse.

As reported by Kotaku, Details of this matchmaking change to the Trials of Osiris have been shared in the latest In this week’s Bungie Is part of Attempt to renew Osiris After the mode goes offline a bit.

The first of these changes is the addition of a “perfect pool”. This will place the player who achieved the perfect milestone in the matchmaking pool with other players who did the same 7-0. Players will stay in this pool until the game is reset weekly.

For those who have problems with the Trials of Osiris, Bungie will also provide “matchmaking help” until they start winning again. Fortunately, we hope that the temporary nature of this change will be useful to anyone looking for a game in the system.

Cozmo_BNG, Bungy’s community manager, said: You can play games and sail smoothly on weekends. “

There is something like @Benjjjyy On Twitter, I feel that this may “prevent perfected players from playing again.” You can also encourage a particular player to operate the system by resetting with 6 wins to prevent them from being placed in this perfect pool.

According to Cozmo, this new system is an ongoing work and will be adjusted in the future as needed.

“We monitor both analysis and feedback and try to balance fast and good matches across our player base,” says Cozmo. “Never stick to the stone forever.”

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