Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

New 2TB and 512GB Seagate Storage Expansion Cards for Xbox Series X | S

Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X | S

With the Xbox Game Pass, Xbox gamers have instant access to their library of games. Between GamePass and Xbox Series X | S 4th Generation game compatibility, you can choose from thousands of games to play. With so many games available, we would like to make sure that we also have options for storage capacity and support for next-generation storage expansion.

At the time of release Xbox series X When Xbox Series S, Designed for Xbox announces close collaboration with Seagate, 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card.. Designed for Xbox is once again working with Seagate and is pleased to announce that 512GB and 2TB storage expansion cards for the Xbox Series X | S will soon be available on all Xbox markets.

Seagate 512GB storage expansion cards for the Xbox Series X | S can be pre-ordered today. Walmart It will be available in the US for US $ 139.99 (US $) in mid-November. For other markets and availability, please contact your local retailer.

The Seagate 2TB storage expansion card for the Xbox Series X | S can be pre-ordered for $ 399.99 in November and will be available in early December. The Seagate 2TB Storage Expansion Card is also the next product with the Designed for Xbox Limited series badge, guaranteeing the quality, performance, and design of premium products.

How to use a Seagate storage expansion card

To use a Seagate storage expansion card, simply plug it into the storage expansion port on the back of your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console and you’re ready to use it like any other external storage solution. Install games on expansion cards by default, play games directly from expansion cards, move or copy games between local and external storage, or what you are currently doing using an external hard drive You can do it all. The only difference is that the expansion card is designed to match the exact performance of the Xbox Series X | S internal storage.

Xbox Velocity architecture

Xbox Velocity architecture

The storage expansion card uses the foundation of the Xbox Velocity architecture. This is a custom internal SSD that offers 2.4GB / s raw I / O throughput, which is more than 40 times the throughput of the Xbox One. Designed using the Xbox Velocity architecture, Seagate Storage Expansion Cards offer exactly the same consistent and lasting performance as internal SSDs, providing the exact same gameplay experience regardless of game location.

The Seagate Storage Expansion Card is the only external SSD on the market designed to leverage the Xbox Velocity architecture and provide exactly the same performance as an internal SSD.

Performance and experience

All games (whether optimized for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One titles, or original Xbox games played via backward compatibility with the classic Xbox 360) are played from the Seagate Expansion card. Even if you play from a Seagate Expansion card, the load time will be significantly improved. Xbox Series X | S Internal SSD.

Quick Resume also holds data on an internal SSD, so it works regardless of whether you’re playing the game from an internal SSD, a Seagate Storage Expansion Card, or an external USB 3.1 HDD or SSD drive.

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