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Neverwinter Summer Saranda Episode 2: The Guardian of the Soul is alive now

Annis Hagg’s magic may have diminished, but the renewed fighting in Fayveldene continues Never winterof Sharandar Episode 2: The Guardian of the Soul!

After defeating Granny Necksnapper in episode 1, the Illiyanbruen elves focused on consolidating their position in the Malaboge ruins and sought answers to disturbing claims from Mended Grove (formerly known as Blighted Grove). In episode 2, the adventurer will once again assist the elves to discover information about the weird ghosts wandering in the woods; these long-departed bodies of Eladrin disrupted the rest of the tourists, making Illiyanbruen all Was destroyed.

In this new part of the Sharandar storyline, when Matilda Soulstealer Matilda Soul Thief made a bold appearance in the attack, the player was introduced to Matilda Soul Thief. Returning to the ethereal plane, the “Nightcrawler” will finally face the daring adventurer in his lair. It is in these winding and dark corridors that players will once again try to eliminate the darkness captured by Mended Grove and prevent future threats to Sharandar’s reconstruction.

The second episode will reward players with new companion equipment for their efforts to deal with these persistent threats in the Feville area. In the dungeons of Broken Diamonds and Stars Dungeon, players will now be able to obtain items such as Glittering Companion. , The twinkling sword knot of the companion, the original ring of the companion and so on!

Never winter

In addition to the adventure rewards, the release day of Episode 2 also comes with a colorful limited-time mount group for you to purchase. In the first month of the series’ release, three new colors of the “Butterfly Group” mounting frame will be provided.

In the end, the first episode of the Star Labyrinth Dungeon was released to provide adventurers with the opportunity to complete “StarCraft” Wish to the stars achievement. Continuing the storyline and completing all episode 2 missions will also allow players to move on in the game. Defender of Feveld The Xbox achievement will finally be completed when the third episode is released in the future.

Never winter

It is said that a wizard has been defeated, and the adventurer should be ready to conquer the second wizard. But will this really be the end of the dark existence lurking in the shadows? Episode 2: The Guardian of the Soul It is now available on Xbox!

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