Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Netflix’s Witcher Season 2 trailer includes war, magic, Yennefer, Siri, and the Evil House

Spoilers for Season 2 and Season 1 of The Witcher!

For FINAL FANTASY VII fans, the first trailer The witcher Season 2 of Netflix will star in an evil cabin with legs, like the 1-bit of FF7 where Cloud has to fight home. Great day for anyone who likes to punch buildings!

Of course, some may think that we are filling the lead a bit. The trailer also confirms Gerald’s on-off beauty, Yennefer, his kind of daughter, Siri, and the return of everyone’s favorite chaotic bard, Jaskie. , It seems that I had a hard time because I broke up with Gerald. Sadly, it looks like the suffering of poor Yennefer and the wild wandering of Ciri aren’t over, as the trailer shows them suffering and wandering.

In the final episode of Season 1, everything went awry for the poor Gerald. Not only did Yennefer abandon him, but he disappeared completely after burning the Nilfgardian invaders crisply. Jaskie left with a huff after Gerald snapped to him. Tris seemed dying. But fortunately, at least Geralt found Ciri. Who wants to bet on the time it takes them to leave again?


We already have a new season “first look”. It’s about Gerald chatting with a very nice (and very cursed) boar man, Niberen.

Netflix’s entry into video games has been on track so far. Media giants are rumored to have recently acquired the first game development studio, Night School (Oxenfree, Afterparty), and are also working on a live-action Pokemon show.

As for The Witcher, it has proven to be successful enough Season 3 is already green, And it’s getting the first part, When Game developer CD Projekt Red has partnered with Netflix at this year’s WitcherCon.

Hopefully Season 2 has a bit more momentum than the first season when it comes to getting to know your character. You can watch new episodes from December 17th on Netflix.

Is this trailer what you wanted to see? What else do you want to cover in Season 2? Let us know in the comments below!