Monday, September 20th, 2021

Netflix seems to be hiring to help it make more games

Even with fierce competition from services such as Disney+, Netflix has been dominating the streaming media market for some time, but this is no secret, but a new report shows that it also wants to get involved in the video game industry.
NewsThe report cited a report by “people familiar with the situation” that Netflix has been in contact with key players and industry veterans in the game industry to recruit executives to oversee the expansion of video games.

The suggested method appears to be the Apple Arcade business model, which allows consumers to pay a fixed fee to access and stream many games through the service. Obviously, it has not yet been decided whether Netflix will seek to develop its own games or cooperate with external publishers to develop games. However, it has been reported internally that these games will not contain advertisements.Netflix has always been very keen to bring more Netflix content into the video game market, and even held a symposium at E3 2019. The streaming giant has previously released games based on the Stranger Things license, but this is the first time it has discussed streaming games from its own custom platform.

In response to the message, a Netflix spokesperson said: “Our members value the diversity and quality of our content. This is why we continue to expand the scope of our services, from series to documentaries, movies, local language originals and reality TV. Members also Can pass “Bandersnatch” and “You v.” Interactive programs such as “Wild”, or games based on “Stranger Things”, “La Casa de Papel” and “To All Boys”, more directly interact with their favorite stories. Therefore, we are very happy to do more in interactive entertainment. Many things.”

in 2020 earnings call (Translated by The Motley Fool), Netflix co-founder, chairman and CEO Reed Hastings (Reed Hastings) discussed his desire to enter the video game industry.Reid said: “Video games [are] This is a very interesting field, it involves many changes, such as multiplayer games, constantly changing e-sports and PC-based games. “Following the success of programs such as The Witcher, Netflix has recently been actively seeking video game licenses to produce Netflix original content. Upcoming Netflix shows based on video game licenses include: “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness”, “Assassin’s Creed”, “Sonic Prime” and “Cyberpunk: Edge Walker”. We still want to see the Zelda Netflix legendary show has obviously been cancelled, thank you. Moreover, we are happy to turn many other video game attributes into Netflix shows.

As more and more competitors enter the streaming market, Netflix will have to continue to adapt to compete and maintain its leading position. In view of the fact that Netflix’s direct competitors have not touched the video game market so far, as the streaming war heats up, the video game market will continue to provide them with an advantage.

Liam Wiseman is a freelance news writer for IGN.Follow him on twitter @liamthewiseman