Monday, May 16th, 2022

Nerf announces new Minecraft line

Nerf has announced a collaboration with Minecraft, turning both Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons items into real blasters.

Two blasters – Nerf Minecraft Pillager’s Crossbow and Nerf Minecraft Stormlander – are available for purchase today. Inspired by the original Minecraft, Pillager’s Crossbow is fired by pulling back the priming lever and pulling the trigger. This allows you to fire three Nerf Elite darts at the same time. It comes in for $ 26.49.

Stormlander is inspired by Minecraft Dungeons and is based on the game’s hammer weapons. Three darts are mounted on the top of the hammer, and it fires by pulling the trigger of the handle. It comes in for $ 20.99. You can check out the entire Nerf Minecraft line in the gallery below.

Nerf Minecraft Blasters

You can also pre-order three Nerf Microshots blasters today. Each single-shot blaster is inspired by Minecraft mobs (Dragon, Guardian, Gusto) and costs $ 10.99 each.

You can buy or pre-order the entire Nerf Minecraft line from Walmart now.