Sunday, September 19th, 2021

NEO: The world reminds you when another old friend returns

We have already watched the trailer of “NEO: A World With You”, confirming that certain characters in the original game are returning. Minamimoto, who is obsessed with numbers, and former Reaper Kariya have both returned to the Reaper game as a sequel. But the new press release of the upcoming game seems to indicate that another character may be making a cameo, or at least playing a role in the background of NEO Shibuya.
Spoiler warning: The following content contains spoilers for the end of the original world. Reading past videos is at your own risk (please rest assured, the video itself is safe).At the end of one of your companions, “The End of the World”, Shimu managed to escape the game of Reaper with Neku and his other friends. Although we never knew her fate after the crew met, most of her experience in the game focused on her friendship with the talented designer friend Eri. Shiki is a skilled tailor, able to make clothes designed by Eri, and even made “Mew. Mr”, which is the plush cat she carries with her in Shibuya and helps in battle.

We have seen that Mr. Meow has reappeared in Tsugumi’s hands. She is a young woman who has been mocked by NEO many times: The world is with you, although no one has ever explained why she has Mr. Meow. However, the slide presentation about NEO: The World With You sent to the media today shows that Mr. Mew of Tsugumi may have some answers to Shiki’s ultimate fate.

“The stuffed animals she carries are very similar to Gatto Nero’s mascot, a new brand that is all the rage in Shibuya-but her long-haired friend obviously predates the establishment of the brand.”

There are two clues about Shiki’s excerpt: The first is in Gatto Nero, Mr. Mew is the mascot brand. This means that Shiki and Eri may start a business together, and founded their own brand Gatto Nero, and may get involved in the brand’s presence in Shibuya. The second one is more secretive-if Mr. Mew of Tsugumi is earlier than Gatto Nero, is it the original Mr. Mew? If this is the case, this raises the question of how Tsugumi found him, because Shiki seems unlikely to abandon him easily. Either way, it makes her believe that the theory that she might reappear in NEO is more credible.

Spoiler ends here

NEO World ends your food and fashion Screenshots

The slide also contains many other new details about NEO: “Death with You”, such as the new missions in “Game of Reapers: Fight for the Grand Slam”. In Scramble Slams, you have to win points by eliminating noise in the area or competing with competitors’ team members for your area to win. Connecting the “Noise War” together can earn you more points.

We will also take a closer look at fashion and food, although they are the same as many new brands and styles such as Gatto Nero, they seem to work on the same principle as in “End of the World”.

Finally, the slide will focus on the ability of one of your party members: Fret. Fret has a mentality called “reminder”, which triggers a small puzzle game to help the memory of the person jogging using it. Although not highlighted in the presentation, the new trailer above shows that your third-party member Nagi also has a psychology called Dive.

NEO: Nintendo Switch and PS4 will be available on July 27, and Epic Games Store will be available this summer. Last month, we talked with the game’s development team to discuss the 14-year gap between NEO and its predecessor, and how NEO will reflect the changes in Shibuya, culture, and game hardware over the years.

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