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NEO: The World Ends Because of You Complete Pre-Order Guide

NEO: The World Ends With You is scheduled to be released on Nintendo Switch and PS4 on July 27. It will also land on PC through the Epic Games Store sometime this summer.You can pre-order the game now – even Price $49.94 Game stop.

As a sequel to the original Nintendo DS in 2007, this new work is starring a group of high school students who are rampant in Shibuya and forced to participate in the “Game of Death”. It sounds weird. Read on to learn more about booking.

Pre-order NEO: The world ends because of you


Nintendo Switch

Pre-order bonus

Pre-order NEO: The End of the World on the PlayStation Store and you will receive a set of free avatars. You will also get the Legendary Thread Set, which is described as follows: “This equipment set contains five equipable items that have been used by the legendary Neku. These items are usually not available until you reach a considerable distance in the story, so they It will give you support in the early stages of the game and provide you with powerful unlockable abilities that will always be there for you!”

What is NEO: The world ends because of you?

NEO: The World Ends With You is a complete sequel to the original 2007 work. This is a popular JRPG that debuted on Nintendo DS and has since been released on mobile devices as an enhanced port of Nintendo Switch.

This new game is about high school student Rindo, who is involved in the mysterious “Game of Death”, a life and death battle that you are forced to participate in. Rindo added new characters Fret and Nagi, as well as Minamimoto who appeared in the original game. This group of heroes are collectively referred to as the evil twisters. In the “week-long battle of life”, they will have to face many opponent teams!

Neo: The world ends because of you-5 screenshots

When you play the game, you will collect “threads”. These “threads” are not only fashionable, but also provide attribute enhancements for your character. You can also collect pushpins that allow you to release your “mental” abilities in battle. You can control multiple players at the same time, but each player can only equip one pin. Your job is to press the button to deploy psionics to defeat your enemies. More than 300 pins can be found, so you can mix and match to create effective combinations.

This issue is the first time the series has landed on PlayStation.

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