Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Neo: Depending on your play style, you may need more than 100 hours to beat the end of the world

It’s only a month before the launch of Neo: The World Ends with You on Nintendo Switch. It sounds like players will have a lot of Content to enjoy when that date finally comes.

As the sequel to the classic Nintendo DS game “The World Ends With You”, NEO will allow players to explore the sights, sounds and culture of bustling Shibuya.As explained in the dialogue between game director Hiroyuki Ito and series director Tatsuya Kando, it is said to be larger and richer than the original game 4 players (Translated by Nintendo everything):

Ito: There is still a lot to do with this game, especially when compared to the original game. I think it will take about 50 hours just to reach the end.

Cando: If you are the kind of player who can accomplish everything the game has to offer, you can expect your hours to reach triple digits. There are many things to collect in the game, from character profiles to pushpins, and some challenging battles. Clearing certain milestones in the game allows players to receive graffiti stickers, which you can use to decorate the back streets of Udagawa.

According to the data How long to fightIn the case where players submit their game completion time, the original DS game takes an average of 25 hours to complete the main story, while those who try to complete 100% require 136 hours.

If the time to simply reach the end is actually doubled in this new version, we are afraid to consider how long it will take to see and complete everything the game has to offer. However, if you are the kind of person who likes to play for a long time, this sounds like your comic-style street.