Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Neo Cab, Eternal Light and Heaven Killer all get the physical version in the switch

Don’t worry, Eternal Light and Paradise Killer Boxart are placeholders.

We hope you are ready, physical collectors, because three indie games will be retailed on Nintendo Switch this year.

By the physical publisher 1Print Games, Neo Cab, Eternal light, And Paradise Killer will all come to the Switch shopping cart near you. Neo Cab ranks first and will go on sale on June 11th, priced at US$34.99, with a limited edition of 3,000 copies worldwide.

These include the game itself, interior artwork, Feellgrid acrylic keychain, Neo Cab driver’s manual, Neo Cab numbered authenticity card and Neo Cab logo sticker. Can book now If you want a copy.

Neo Cab physical switch

As for the “eternal light” and “heaven killer”, they will arrive in the “coming months”.A kind Three Guarantees Games that include all games can be pre-ordered before release.

How is your physical condition? Do you have any other rooms? Still rich? Please tell us below.